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  1. Well you have earned yourself another follower. I have a feeling that you are someone who is going to be truly inspirational to me. Good luck with everything. 🙂

    • Thank you Jade. I hope I can inspire someone somewhere. And I need all the luck I can get these days, because I really am a train wreck just looking for new places to destroy :), including my own apartment. And laughing my head off at my wake of destruction, until I realize that now I have to clean it all up. But even that is funny when you get right down to it.

    • No problem Anne. I have another award to accept, but waiting on it for the time to accept. I feel like I’m spending most of my life on the computer lately, And today’s blog is going to be a vent I’m afraid. Need to work off some steam.

  2. I know silly. The award is from Mark, and I still have it to accept, plus working on one of my own that I plan on presenting at the same time.

  3. Saw your blog posted on Marks page. My hubby’s from Lexington Kentucky and love visiting the beautiful state. Great blog!

    • Thank you Victoria. My older brother lives just outside Lexington. At one time he was inside the city, but wanted a larger home, so had one built to their specifications. Must be nice. It is a beautiful state from all angles.

      • I love Lexington! My inlaws live outside the city limits but use to live smack dab in the middle of it all.

      • My brother lives outside also now, but he also lived in the middle, close to U.K. where he was an Associate Dean of the college of medicine most of his working life. My son in law and daughter live in Frankfort, close to Lex, and he is chief of staff at U.K. and a Prof. of Poly Sci. I loved visiting them and camping out in the basement apartment when my kids were at U.K. until Nancy started collecting clocks. Clocks that make noise. All set to go off one after the other, some every 15 minutes. They now have about 50 of them.

  4. I saw Dr. Rex post this and I had to see why you named your blog Kentucky Train Wrecks? Is this about actual trains? I’m asking because I have a love of trains and I don’t see any trains on your blog so I’m wondering about that and wanted to check it out. 🙂

    • I named it that because my life is a train wreck. I have advanced MS and am in a power chair that I seem to get hooked on everything in my path, like bins of watermelons in the grocery, furniture in my apartment. Right now I am slowly tearing my computer armoir apart by getting parts of it hooked on the chair. I guess I’m just a bad driver, but I’ve just always thought of these little mishaps as the train wrecks in my life. I decided years ago I could either sit and cry about it, or just laugh and have fun with it. I decided laughing is more fun, so when I started blogging I decided to name my blog about my train wrecks. The original one was “A Train Wreck Looking For A Home”, but after a computer meltdown I couldn’t get that blog started again, and finally just began a new one with a new name. And still loving and laughing at my daily train wrecks.

      • Oh I love that. I’m a train wreck as well! I love it! Not! In my mind I feel like a train wreck! I used to say that about myself! I know I’m a train wreck! I’m starting to see that I’m healing and less of a train wreck. I do love your sense of humor! Wow! Grace under fire is what I would say of you! My nephew and I love trains and I literally take him to see trains. Isn’t it so amazing how Train Wreck had so many different meanings for everyone! Wow! You’re amazing! I hope you know that!😃

  5. Thanks MichelleMarie. I kept looking at the path of destruction behind me trying to come up with a name for it and the one that kept coming to my mind was that it looked like a train wreck. In my last job before retirement, I worked with a Search and Rescue team, and in some of our training we would respond to train wrecks. My town has freight trains running through it several times a day, carrying a lot of haz/mat materials, so we had to learn what all of the chemical signs meant, and how to respond to them in an emergency situation. So that just seemed to be the natural name for what I would see behind me. Thank God the only thing I had to actually respond to was a white powder situation in the anthrax days.

    • I don’t watch the games Anne. I just call my son the day after to see if he’s happy. I’ll have to call him Tuesday to see if he’s extremely happy again this year, then if he is, buy a new championship shirt. If he’s not I’ll just get a Final Four shirt.

      • It gets complicated Anne. I am a fan, just don’t like watching the games. Does that make sense? I think it goes back to when Don had me taping all the games for him, and then we watched the same ones over and over until the tape wore out. I’ve found that Coach Cal is doing some amazing things, like being very democratic about giving all the players a chance. The freshmen seem to be better than a lot of the seasoned players this year. Cal has been doing wonders lately.

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  8. Hi kyangel. My name is Martin and I am one of the mods from the share your wordpress blogs facebook group and the admin of the WordPress Blogatorium. We have a new area on the blog called Blog Reviews where each week (at least) one blog get’s a “review” from me accompanied with an award. These blogs are chosen with a random number generator and your blog has gotten the honor to be the first one. I hope you like your review and your award 🙂

    Kind regards on behalf of the Mod Squad
    Martin “Mavadelo”

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