I Got An Owoie

005 Remember this infamous foto of my huge toe?  The one I thought I jammed the day I broke my shoulder?  Well, today I finally got tired of following my primary care physician’s orders, and went to a Podiatrist about it.  His first question, after looking at the unveiled toe, was “Did they take X-rays?”  Uh, no.  They noted it on the chart and then didn’t pay any attention to it.  Just the same way they noted there was a breathing body in room 505, and then didn’t pay any attention to it for the remainder of my stay.

So, first action today was an X-ray.  Guess what folks?  The toe is broken.  An artery was nicked, and that is what caused the inflammation and the resulting infection I’ve been living with since the first week of December.  The ER docs should have noticed it and removed the nail immediately when I was first taken in.  Since they didn’t, the surgeon should have noticed and removed it when he did the shoulder replacement.  Since he didn’t, my Primary Care doc should have referred me to a Podiatrist immediately to have the toenail removed.  Since he didn’t, I finally couldn’t live with the pain any longer and called the Podiatrist myself, and after sitting in the waiting room for an hour, then in the exam room for a couple of minutes, shabang, shaboom, it was done.

First, though he gave me a humongous dose of antibiotics.  Four large horse pills all at the same time.  That was fun.  But you know the best part about it all?  I CAN WASH MY FOOT AGAIN!!!  I’m glad I didn’t have to sniff it like he did, because I was told to keep it wrapped and enclosed in plastic when I shower, so like a good girl, I’ve been sticking a rubber glove on my right foot every morning and taping it snugly around my toes.  I could probably say something about toe jam here, but I won’t.  Oops, did I just say that???

Monday 5-12-14 002 This is the neat bag holder my baby boy, Mike, Mike making ice cream-1 designed for the back of my chair.  No more trying to carry several bags of groceries home in my lap now.  Isn’t he just the brightest bulb in my chandelier?  Mikey can make anything.  And he still lives in Daviess County, out near the farm.  He’s my go-to guy when I need something fixed or invented.

Monday 5-12-14 003 I love all of my grocery bags.  Some are so old they are wearing out, so I’ll have to start looking for fabric to make some new ones, maybe larger ones.  Or I could be realistic and make them the same size, because I can’t lift a really heavy bag.  Can you tell I’m just rambling here?  There was something I wanted to add to the post, but I can’t remember if I forgot it or not, so I’m just a-ramblin’ on, trying to see if it comes to mind, knowing full well it is gone until about midnight.


12 responses to “I Got An Owoie

  1. Sweet friend! Ouch! You seem to always have something to write about! Never Rambling you are sharing freely! I think that is wonderful! 🌸gentle hugs!

    • I’m glad I finally decided to call for myself Mark. Just another case of our medical lack of care in Owensboro. The toe already feels better, and today I finally got to take a complete shower with the foot unwrapped. Clean all over, even between my toes. Doesn’t take much to make me happy.

    • Thanks Irene. Already recovering, and the toe doesn’t hurt at all now. I’ll never go back to that hospital again. Hard to believe it’s among the top 5 in the country. I think they are paying someone off to get that kind of report.

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