Mother’s Day Surprise

Mothers Day 2014 014 I knew Ray looked washed out in this photo.  Just a fading ghost of his old self, until you hear him talk.  Now I have so much to tease him about.  Ray is the baby brother on the right, with the white hair and white beard, and pale yellow shirt fading into the background.  My Mom is seated in the chair, I’m behind her, and big brother Tony is on my right, your left in the photo.  He’s turned out to be a nice guy with old age creeping up on him.  Mom and I still have our dark hair, but the poor guys in the family aren’t so lucky.  I’ve always called it the perk for being the oldest daughter, Mom in her family, me in mine.

So, Tony picked me up this morning and took me over to Mom’s house (BTW, does this lady look like she’s 94 to you?).  She was a bit surprised to see me actually walking in the door, because I had sworn the boys to secrecy about my ability to walk again.  Still not really steady, but I’m getting there.

Mothers Day 2014 001 She’s a beautiful lady, and I do mean a LADY.  Her knees are shot, but other than that she is as healthy as someone half her age.  Actually healthier than all of her kids put together.  We all pitched in with food offerings for lunch, so, Ray’s contribution was this: Mothers Day 2014 010 rib eye steaks he grilled after his last Mass of the morning.  Since Ray is a priest, he has several Masses every Sunday, but I love to tease him by telling him it’s the only day of the week he actually works.  I know this isn’t true, because he is also a full Professor at Brescia University in Owensboro, our home town.

Mothers Day 2014 002 I didn’t ask if Tony brought the flowers or if one of the other sibs sent them, but Tony did bring 4 humongous potatoes to bake, and some baked beans for the lunch, plus some Hawaiian rolls to heat up before serving.  We ended up baking 2 of the potatoes, because they were so large that Mom and I each ate one forth of one, Tony and Ray each ate one half of one, and there was a half left over for Mom to have with her leftover steak tomorrow.

Ray also brought me some burgoo, because I really do hate steak.  I know, a lot of people will think I’m touched in the head for that remark, but if any of you had ever had to herd those beasts up and down a country road as many times as I did, when they broke out of the pasture looking for some kind of bovine pleasure, you would hate it too.  I’ll eat ground beef, because that’s all the animals are good for, but I won’t eat beef in any other form.  Plus, I’ve eaten the stuff all my life, so it really has no great significance for me like it would for city people who think they are getting a treat, when most of my life all I had to do was open the freezer and pull them out.  So, I guess one man’s treasure is this woman’s junk.

Okay, back to the subject, I baked a Strawberry, Greek yogurt, Banana bread for Mom to enjoy the rest of the week.  I didn’t take a photo of that, because Ray also brought a cake a friend made for him.  A beautiful chocolate cake. Mothers Day 2014 016 with white marshmallow frosting.  We were too full after eating lunch to try another bite of anything, so while we sat and talked and worked up an appetite for dessert, a huge surprise for me walked in the front door. Mothers Day 2014 011 My daughter, Gina, and her youngest son, Andrew.  This is the first time I have seen her on Mother’s Day since she left for college in 1978.  Suddenly I couldn’t even stand up to hug her, I was so surprised.  Soon after she came in there was another visitor, Mothers Day 2014 017 older son, Don.  Another first since 1979.  I must be doing something right, or they must have some kind of bad news no one has shared with me, but there they were.  Andrew decided to be shy until Tony mentioned chocolate cake.  He was suddenly very much alive and ready, so we had our cake, and oh, was it good!!!

Mothers Day 2014 006 Mom supervising the cook time of the potatoes. Mothers Day 2014 008 Ray filling the glasses with water. Mothers Day 2014 004 Tony and Ray being useful.

We had intermittent thunderstorms all afternoon, but at about 4:00 p.m. the rain let up enough that we could all stampede to the cars with relative safety from drowning or being struck by lightening, so Don brought me home after we said our goodbyes, and I came up to my apartment, after spending some time with Annie, down in the lobby.  Her spirits are still down, so I just couldn’t stay very long or I would have been down with her.  I started to rest for a few minutes, but then there was a knock on my door.

My third surprise of the day, Mike chillin' Mike.  This photo wasn’t taken today because I didn’t have the camera with me when he came in, with Janette and Noah, Janette Noah 5-28-11 .  So, for the first time since 1978, all three of my children visited me on Mother’s Day.  Not all at the same time, but at least all of them came.  My heart is so full tonight I can’t express how much this day has meant to me.  I didn’t think I would ever get to see my Mom again, but today I did.  And for the first time 36 years I saw all of my kids on Mother’s Day.  This is one to remember.  One I hope to never forget.  They all remembered, they all came.  I’m happy.


12 responses to “Mother’s Day Surprise

  1. What a great Mother’s Day for you, Angie. It must have been the best in 36 years to see them all the same day! And be walking again, too, to surprise your mom. You look fantastic in the photo to top it off. Wonderful, my friend.

    • The best in years Mark. So totally unexpected. Thanks for the compliment. I am feeling so good these days, and am pretty sure my long relapse is over for now. So, I intend to enjoy every minute of it while I can, and hope it will last for a few years.

      • Thanks Mark. Realistically I know there will be other relapses, but I’ll enjoy every minute I have until the next one. Keep praying it will be years for me. I’m greedy here, and want years instead of months of weeks.

    • Thank you Irene. It was the best Mother’s Day I’ve had in 36 years, and so totally unexpected when each of them showed up at different times, so I knew they hadn’t talked to each other and decided to visit out of pity, but because they each wanted to come. I have never been happier.

  2. I hope you won’t give up on blogging! I am a ‘friend’ of Mark’s and enjoyed the few posts I read today! Take care and keep your chin up, my dear! Smiles, Robin

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