I’m Tired!!!

000_0019 It’s been a busy, busy day today.  I get these “spurts” of energy once in a while, so when they come, I move.  Today I straightened up some shelves that are open so everyone who comes in can see the mess.  I’ve been looking at them for a long time, knowing something had to be done, but lacking the energy to do it.  Today, I did it.  Now all I have to do is make sure I keep them that way.  These tiny apartments were really not made for people who want to cook.  And I don’t just WANT to cook, I LIVE to cook.  That means I have stuff.  And I’m hooked on Dr. Pepper.  Most people get up in the morning and drink a cup of coffee.  I roll out of the nest and grab a cold Dr. Pepper.  We all have the same caffeine addiction, just different instruments we use to feed it.

So, after clearing the shelves, stacking all of the utensils I haven’t used in the past 5 years to the side for Irene to pack out the next time she comes, the energy was still spurting.  I found a couple of old pots and planted some sprouting green onions and garlic cloves that I had stuck in sprouting soil a few weeks ago, and stuck them in the window, where my mint seems to be dying.  Mint is an invasive plant that really can’t be killed, but I have a knack for doing the impossible.  Haven’t given up on it yet though.  Somehow I will have mint growing there again.  Love mint in my lemonade and tea.  And don’t bother asking about mint juleps.  That’s a waste of bourbon and mint both.  Horrible drink!

After a few minutes rest, I made a chicken and dressing casserole with lots of chopped up fresh veggies in it.  It’s—-different.  Definitely not your Thanksgiving type of casserole, but it does have a nice crunch from the veggies and the water chestnuts I love putting in there.

Went through more of my clothes and found more that are too large, so I stuck them away with the utensils I’m getting rid of.  Now I have the kitchen drawers to go through.  I’m not sure what’s in those drawers, but they are stuffed so full they are hard to close, and even harder to open.  That usually means there are a lot of things I don’t need living in there.  Plus duplicates of things I couldn’t find, so bought another to replace the first one that was hiding in the drawer.

Oh, Man!  Is this spring cleaning????  After spending most of my life trying to avoid it, am I spring cleaning now????  I need my head examined!  I guess I should be thanking God I’m living on the 16th floor so I won’t be out there trying to wash the windows!

As predicted, the weather outside is frightful.  Can’t use the second line to the song though, because it’s too warm for a fire.  Unless, of course it’s in the bar-b-q pits or under the burgoo kettles down town tonight.  Thunderstorms moved in about 30 minutes before the official lighting ceremony, but I can guarantee you it hasn’t put a damper on the festivities.  The folks that turn out for this event come from around the world and have a couple of things in common.  They love bar-b-q, and they love good country music, and both will be provided in abundance down at the river tonight and tomorrow.

Now I’m heading back to the nest for a while.



8 responses to “I’m Tired!!!

  1. I was so energetic when I was young. I worked a full time job and managed to keep a fairy neat house. Now I am home and can barely keep up with the clutter. Sounds like you had a productive day!

    • I think my love of cooking gives me the energy to clean up around me. It’s so much easier to find what I want if I clear out the clutter every 10 years or so. Actually, I’m finally coming out of an MS relapse, and have more energy than I’ve had in a couple of years, so I want to get it outta here while I can, before my daughter comes in and starts throwing away things I want to keep.

    • I wish Mark. I’m 30 blocks away from the action though, and on the busy street, so too much traffic noise. My best day is July 4 when I get a front row seat for the fireworks.

      • They are Mark. I wish I could hear the music also, but it would take bionic ears for that. They have some really good groups playing tonight too. And the weather is perfect for an outdoor concert. As usual, after the cooking was finished the rain stopped.

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