An explanation of the use of tobacco in Native American ceremonies, as told by a Native American Chief.

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Thank you so much for your kind words on my La Crosse Wisconsin posting to two of my good friends/followers.

Let me start with this at the top so that you will not think that I am condemning a president. Because of pressure from both sides of the aisle plus from Native Americans, President Ronald Reagan in the early 1980 has, passed laws proven later to be big mistakes, not his fault because the only thing that he knew about my people was from his movie days (Hollywood). This link is a little example of what I just explained.

I am writing once again about tobacco thanks to the question from La Crosse and the thank you comments from my friends. As long as this question keep coming up in trackers it is the fault of we, the natives for not explaining well enough, so let’s give it another…

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