Earth Day My Way

Earth Day 4-22-14 001 I started the day about noon, when I was fully awake, by pulling all the leftovers out of my fridge, chopping them up, and putting them in the crock pot for a soup.  I’ve been planning to do that for a few days, but being the queen of procrastination, just got to it today.  The pot contains all of my fresh veggies, leftover smoked salmon and chicken, with some chicken stock and a can of tomatoes, because I didn’t have any fresh tomatoes to add to the pot.  For some reason, I just love tomatoes in my soup, so the can was all I had to work with.  I pulled a package of corn from last summer out of the freezer, and also chopped up a Portobello mushroom that was hanging out in the fridge.

After getting the soup started, eating some salmon and asparagus I kept out for lunch, and doing a quick cleanup in the kitchen, I headed out into the unexpected sunshine for my afternoon ride, as well as to do a bit of shopping, and “window” shopping inside the store.  All I really needed was potting soil, but I just HAD to look at all of the bright spring colored clothes and accessories while I was there.  I was very good though, and didn’t buy anything except the soil.

Then I went on a short ride about to see if the view has changed since Sunday.  Earth Day 4-22-14 010 Earth Day 4-22-14 008Earth Day 4-22-14 006 Earth Day 4-22-14 004 Earth Day 4-22-14 003 Earth Day 4-22-14 011 Not much really.  Had to do the point and shoot again, and had to wait longer between shots across the street, because the traffic has picked up a lot today.  I felt lucky that I got this many photos without any cars in them.  And yes, that is the same street, Frederica Street, FRED-re-ca.  Most people from out of town pronounce it the way it is spelled, which of course, is not the local pronunciation.  Believe me, WE are not the ones with the accent, it’s the rest of the world who have the accents.  Just like we know that burgoo is pronounced BUR-goo, and pecans are pe-CAANS.  Okay, class is over.

When I got back home I checked the progress of my soup, hoping it would be bubbling, but it was still as cold as if it had just come out of the fridge.  OH–kaayy.  My way of saving some energy on Earth Day apparently was to forget to plug the crock pot in.   So, crock pot got plugged in and I snacked on yogurt.  I need the calcium anyway.  Late dinner tonight.  It will be tasty though, because I’ve tasted it, and even cold and still raw it’s good.

And then, and then, wait for it, and then, I planted a pot of herbs with the potting soil I bought at K-Mart.  And didn’t spill any of the dirt!  If I had just covered the floor with newspaper the last time, I probably wouldn’t have spilled it then either.  And of course, I know where the broom is now, so that helps.  Better to do the scavenger hunts before starting a task rather than making the mess and then looking for the lost items.

I thought about adding some funny things my cousin sent me in an email about old people, but then I read the last part and realized how true it is–it’s very hard to find anyone older than I am these days, so I’ll leave them off.  I also lost the page in the brief time it took me to set it down and write this post, and don’t remember any of it except the last line.  Fortunately for me, while everyone else in my family in my age group are getting older and senile, I never will, I just have MS and that causes me to forget things.  Now see?  Every cloud has a silver lining.  You just have to look through the dark part to find it.  Eh, I don’t look any more.  I’ve found it and really enjoy all those silver linings and the rainbows that follow.  Now I had better hide somewhere because my kids have probably contacted someone with a net to come and get me, LOL.



6 responses to “Earth Day My Way

  1. Not only did I not know how to pronounce burgoo, I don’t know what type of food it is. I don’t think we have burgoo up here in upstate New York, Angie, unless I’m not looking in the right places.

    • Mark, there is no way you could have burgoo in NY. It is strictly a local dish, soup like, but everything is shredded except the corn. Made with mutton and chicken, potatoes, cabbage, onions, corn and tomatoes. Lots of seasonings, like vinegar, Worcestershire Sauce, can’t remember it all right now, but usually made in 50 gallon pots. I’ll do a post on that tomorrow. Food of the gods.

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