014 Yesterday it looked so pretty.  Today I feel the pollen I breathed in for 3 hours.  It was so worth it though.  Even though my trip out today was to the pharmacy to pick up a different type of allergy pill.  And a different sinus headache pill.  I’m still looking for a blowtorch for those sinuses.  Netti pot time now.  I think the shoulder will move enough for me to use that for some relief tonight.

I found my broom today.  That was a biggie for me.  Who would ever think to look behind the winter coat hanging in the closet for a broom?  But that’s where it was.  Found it while I was hanging a fleece jacket up and the heavy one fell off it’s hanger.  And lo and behold, right there, staring at me, was the broom.  So, I got all of the rest of the potting soil off the kitchen floor, and my chair, and had things looking a lot better when my cleaning lady showed up to put the final shine on things.  I’m glad she came today and put the things that needed to be put up high back up high, because they did the spring apartment inspection this afternoon.

We get inspected two times a year, and this was the day she got to my floor.  It would have been okay even if Irene hadn’t made it today, but it was better that she got here to put the bulky stuff away for me.  I can tip things off the top shelves and usually manage to catch them, but getting them put back on the top shelves is another story.  Sometimes I get a tall neighbor to come in and help with that, but lately I’ve been out in the beautiful sunshine, and so have they, so it’s all been piling up on the counter, and that’s not good.  I have limited space there anyway, but do most of my cooking prep work on a small table that I can fold up and store away when I’m not using it.  But eventually, things do stack up and when I can’t get them up on the shelves it makes for interesting train wrecks in the kitchen.

When they do the renovation of the building, they say they will be lowering the cabinets.  That sounds good to me.  I wish they could find some space for more counters, but I can adapt to whatever life throws my way.  Right now I am just trying to weed out the things I don’t use and get rid of them.  I want to do that with my clothes also.  When it comes to clothes though, I get worried.  If I get rid of my fat clothes, I’ll gain weight.  If I then get rid of my skinny clothes, I’ll lose weight.  I just know my clothes make my weight see-saw.  If I keep all of them I can stay at the same size for the next 10,000 years, but if I give the fat clothes away I’ll gain 100 pounds overnight.  There’s something inside my body that’s just watching what I do, just waiting.  As soon as the first oversized garment leaves the apartment, it will say “OK everybody, explode!!” and just like that, I’ll swell up like a balloon overnight.

Maxine I’m a great believer in Maxine’s advice.  But I’ve decided to start taking the Never Do stuff and giving it away to people who will do, or use it now.  So, one of my goals for the next month is to go through my closet and take all of the clothes out, go through the things I haven’t worn in the past 2 years, and send it out the door.  There are people out there who need things I am not using, so if I gain the weight back, it will be my own fault for eating too much, so I should be the one to pay for that, by having to go out and, gulp, buying new clothes.  What a horrible thing for a woman to have to do.



7 responses to “AHHH–CHOOOO

  1. Yes, the magic weight-deciding clothes, Angie. I know what you mean. I’ve owned some of those, too. Before I donated them and put on more pounds. That was like 15 years ago, though, and I don’t fluctuate too many sizes anymore. (Knock on wood.) Glad that you got the semi-yearly inspection over, too.

    • Yeah, I’m glad about the inspection too Mark. Always afraid she’ll knock on the door right after I make a huge mess somewhere. I do seem to always make spaghetti sauce the day she comes though. I guess I could always make the sauce and just expect her to show up on a good clean apartment day. And the clothes will go!

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