Happy Easter, 2014

angel in purple

It’s been such a beautiful day in Kentucky today.  Sunshine, warm breezes, and a day truly blessed with the joy of Christ’s rising.  I am thankful I am here to experience it.

I made brunch this morning, little cheesy biscuits, with smoked salmon or chicken to put on them if wanted.  An array of fresh vegetables from the grocery, so maybe freshness isn’t really a given, but they were delicious.  Cheeses, butter, jams, whatever toots your flute, to eat on the biscuits or as a side.  But for me the biscuits were the star.  I love those little biscuits, about 2 bites each, with the cheesy delight baked in them.

After a short rest, spent doing a quick cleanup, I decided to re-pot my aloe plant.  BIG mistake.  At least I waited until after brunch.  Most of the potting soil went in the pot, but enough to start a small garden went on the kitchen floor, my new chair, my jeans, and a bit on the carpet.  Big sigh.  I sped off to get the broom to sweep it all up, but haven’t found it yet!!!  Finally just used the feather duster.  EH!  Close but no cigar on the cleanup.  Now why would a cleaning lady, who loves to see the place clean when she arrives, keep hiding brooms, mops, and everything I need to get through the day from me???  So, I got most of the dirt up, but still have some that eluded the feather duster that isn’t really made of feathers, still on the floor.  Some on my shoes.  My tires,

Ah, that’s over.  Went out to enjoy the afternoon, and take some photos, hoping I would get some acceptable ones, since the sun was bright and I really couldn’t see what I was taking the photo of.  So I just did what the camera told me to do — point and shoot.  Then hope.  So, enjoy my afternoon escape with me.Easter Sunday 4-20-14 007 Easter Sunday 4-20-14 008  Easter Sunday 4-20-14 019  Easter Sunday 4-20-14 010  Easter Sunday 4-20-14 016  Easter Sunday 4-20-14 016Easter Sunday 4-20-14 019  Easter Sunday 4-20-14 025  Easter Sunday 4-20-14 023  Easter Sunday 4-20-14 024  Easter Sunday 4-20-14 026  Easter Sunday 4-20-14 027  Not exactly a trip around the world, but a trip around a couple of blocks.  I didn’t get the shots I really wanted across the street, but they were not too bad, considering I was a block away, shooting blindly across the, believe it or not, busiest street in town.  Told you it’s a small town.  Of course, I did wait until cars went by to click the shutter, and culled out the photos that caught the cars in them, but….not a bad afternoon.  A nice 90 minutes out in the sun and breeze, some passable photos, a few redbud trees, and a few angles of my building in all it’s glory, surrounded by parking lots and paint stores.  Car wash, restaurants, a church, banks (3), “shopping center”, power lines, and these few trees still fighting for their life amid all the concrete.  And since this is a day to rejoice in life, they seem so appropriate for the photos.

When I got back to the building, I saw a friend sitting in the lobby, looking dejected, so I went over to talk to her for a while.  She recently lost her mom, and her own health isn’t good, so she didn’t need to be sitting there alone.  While we were talking a couple more people came over and sat down.  One of them was texting messages to his family for Easter, and as he received the answers, we were amused at the different early rock songs he had for each family member.  And by early rock, I don’t mean the ’70’s, folks, I mean the ’50’s!!!!  Jerry Lee Lewis, Dion and the Belmonts, The Big Bopper, remember them?  We all started rockin’ along with the music, singing with the bands, and giving that young guy a real laugh.  He had never heard of a lot of the artists, being so much younger than the rest of us, so we educated him as about 60 seconds of each song would play.  Fun in the Bull Pen all afternoon, mainly because someone was having a private party in the activities room, and Patty was locked out, so I stopped to talk to Patty, then Judy and the newby sat down and life went on.

The bread from Panera was delivered then, so we went over to see if the had anything we wanted to bring home.  Jackpot!  I just knew I wanted bruscietta (I know, that’s spelled wrong, but spell check won’t tell me how to spell it the right way), anyway, I got two loaves of the bread, and brought it home to slice, pile high with olive oil, fresh veggies, Parmesan cheese and a toast in the oven.  That was almost 3 hours ago and I’m still stuffed.  Sliced the rest of the bread and froze it for later.  Also froze a bread soup bowl and cheese roll for some day when I might be hungry again, although right now, I’m not sure if that will happen.  Could be it’s just the bread talking though.



15 responses to “Happy Easter, 2014

      • WP does some strange things, I do have to admit. I’ve written support more then once with “problems”. I did follow you … just wanted you to know if you didn’t see. Have a great night, Luv. Love, Amy

      • Thanks for the follow, Amy. I hope you got one of my Angel Awards from someone on WordPress. Don Charisma created one that is prettier than the one I came up with, but if you haven’t claimed one yet, let me know and I’ll get it to you. I think I’m following you also. Have a good week Angel,

  1. Wonderful post and photos! I’m so happy Spring is here! 🌸🌸re-potting is not easy no matter who is going it! I’m going to try my feather duster! 😉wink

  2. It sounds like you had a top flight Easter, Angie, tooling around the blog, enjoying the blooms, Rockin’ Round the Clock with your friends and cooking good food that’s keeping your tummy full. Great holiday, my friend. Don’t mind a little spilled potting soil. You have a cleaning lady!

    • I do have a cleaning lady Mark, and she will be here tomorrow morning. Hopefully she’ll leave the broom out where I can find it after this, but at least the dirt is all in a pile under a table. Great day today.

  3. Happy Easter! Sounds like you had a lovely Easter! Mine was a bit more drama filled but ok. I got a flat tire, my boyfriend’s car won’t start then my drier stopped working mid-load. So yea, lots of random running around to where we could get to since more places are closed. One car towed, another pumped full of fix-a-flat with two more cans on hand for tomorrow. Yikes. At least it wasn’t a day I had to be to work. But we were a bit late to Easter brunch…
    Love your pictures ! What a beautiful day!

    • Jess, your day sounds more like work than mine was. I do remember those days of fix-a-flat cans in my trunk well though. Glad I don’t need them any more. Or maybe I should say, I hope I won’t need them any more.
      It was a beautiful day, and I got the pictures at just the right time. They are all shedding today.

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