Back To The Grocery

So today I made another splash at the grocery.  Sorta.  I got hung on the vegetable counter, but it was not the kind I could drag behind me.  With the grocery rather populated by people trying to get their Easter supplies, and my not being really comfortable with the extremely sensitive joystick on my Rolls Royce, it took some maneuvering to get unhooked.   I really, really don’t want to make a lot of scratches on the chair this soon after receiving it, so was being very careful, while at the same time trying not to run over people who were all reaching for things around me.  Guess I could have tooted my horn, but that didn’t seem very polite, so I just sat there patiently — NOT.  The produce manager, who seems to know me for some reason (I wonder why?) turned around,  just grinned at me and complimented my new wheels.  Hum….most people look at the chair, look at me, then ask if I’ve lost more weight.

A thief I started filling my basket with the produce I wanted, then headed for the cheese area.  And by this time of the month, the cute little thingy about the thief and the money is getting very true, so I had to choose wisely in the cheese area.  Fortunately I was only out of Mozzarella and cheddar, so that made the choices easier.  The freezer is filled with chicken and fish, plus some pulled pork barbecue I made a few weeks ago, so I bypassed that area.  On to the eggs. Friday 4-11-14 011 I know, this is a patch of clover, but it would make a great place to hide Easter eggs, and I don’t have a photo of eggs that I can put my hand on right now, so just pretend you see an egg hiding in the clover.  I know what I just said.  Do you?  Anyway, there are so many helpful people in this world, and I am meeting more and more of them as I go along.  While I was going through the maneuvers necessary to open the door to the egg section, a lady opened it for me, and asked if I needed help getting them out.  I could reach in myself today, so she then told me to make sure they were all okay, none broken, and waited patiently while I checked them, leaning over my shoulder to check them herself  while I did.

After looking over my basket, it looked like everything was in there that was on my list, the list, of course still on the side table at home, but when I got home, Yayyyyyy, I got it all, and nothing more.  That was a personal first.

Wow, I just realized, I have a photo of green stuff growing outside.  Still surrounded by dead stuff, but green is showing.  Spring weather is back, the red flags are no longer stuck to my computer, and all seems well with the world.

Taking a couple of days off to rest the shoulder from a little bit of overuse and abuse.  I’ll be back on Easter, so I hope you all have a happy, happy Easter, or whatever holiday you celebrate.  Peace and blessings for a couple of days while I search out a pain patch and relax.



8 responses to “Back To The Grocery

    • Sunshine today felt good, and almost hot outside. Trees blooming, birds singing. Blackberry winter still to come, but a good day tomorrow. River front visit on Monday.

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