How Many Times Can You Wreck The Same Train?

This morning I went out to try to accomplish several tasks.  First on the list was to pick up some items at the pharmacy down the block.  While blundering my way in I managed to knock several items off the TOP shelf next to the door that I have to kick open in order to get the chair in.  Not very many places in this town are handicap friendly, but we all learn to adapt.  This was my first day outside with the new wheels, so I wasn’t sure of the steering yet.  The joystick is pretty sensitive, and my twitchy hand can give it fits.  Since I had other stops to make, they offered to deliver my purchases later this afternoon.  Good deal for me.

Next stop was Rhonda’s Wild Hair Salon, and after I got home and conquered the wind blown effects, I decided to take a selfie, and then I decided to share it. Wed, 4-16-14 028 I think there’s a fingerprint on my lens.  Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  But first, the story of getting into the salon.  It’s at the corner of a sidewalk with a BIIIIG drop-off next to it, and the door opens out!!!  Thank God this new chair turns on a penny — a little larger than a dime, smaller than a nickle.  BUT, there’s a 1 1/2 inch ledge up into the salon.  Rhonda heard me coming, as did everyone else in the neighborhood, and ran over to rescue her door, while I had to make two attempts to get up the ledge into the room, and then she managed to control my wild hair beautifully.  Without scalping me like I do myself.  I have to admit I was surprised at the amount of hair that wound up on the floor.  She opened the door for me when I left, so that was a lot easier than the entrance.  And going down that ledge was easier also.

Next stop was K-Mart, where I wanted to pick up some electrical tape.  When I got my vacuum out a couple of days ago I noticed this: Wed, 4-16-14 017 and it looks like a train wreck waiting to happen, so the tape was first on my list of things to get, along with flower pots to transplant my aloe and mint into.  Guess what I forgot to get?  Yep!  Mike is coming by this afternoon to see if he can figure out how to rig up a hook for the back of my wheels to hang my shopping bags on, so I’m hoping he will have some tape in his truck or car.  He always has a tool kit with him, but not necessarily electrical tape.  The cord looks a bit like dry rot to me,  but I’ll leave that diagnosis to the expert.

Fortunately, the lady who makes deliveries for the pharmacy was behind me in the checkout row, so when I had all of my stuff bagged and was trying to figure out where to put it, she told me she had the delivery car outside, and would meet me over here and bring it for me.  Saved!!!

Home again, and in the process of putting things away.  The flower pots and potting soil are okay, but I brought the printer paper into the computer room, where the bed is, and got a shot of one of my usual train wrecks, that usually only happen in the grocery, Wed, 4-16-14 012 Wed, 4-16-14 011 Wed, 4-16-14 013.  Yep, that’s the destruction of an aluminum baking pan that I was going to use to roast some veggies in.  While trying to extract it from the back tire of my wheels, I kept running over it, smashing it in the process.  But not to worry, Wed, 4-16-14 018 I shaped it back into submission.  It has to be washed before use anyway, and it has to be placed on a cookie sheet before placing in the oven, so there’s no sense in throwing away a couple of bucks when it could be fixed, right?

So that’s how I spent a couple of hours today.  Now I’m going to climb in my nest, put some heat rub on my shoulder, and start knitting the foot part of my sock.  I finished turning the heel last night, so the foot and toe are all that’s left.  And then I’ll make another one, and have my first pair of hand made socks.




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