100_2553 Remember this photo of Mike working on my old, beat up power chair?  And here’s another photo of it Tue. 4-15-14 001 taken this morning, making it’s last farewell appearance.  Well, almost, anyway.  It is now parked until Mike can come and pick it up for Noah to play with.  Noah is growing up in his daddy’s shadow, at least mostly.  He loves fixing things.  Like his dad, he started young, taking things apart, and when Mike found him in his truck one night, trying to hot wire it at the ripe old age of 4, he decided it was time to start locking the door even at home.

So, this is my new ride, Tue. 4-15-14 002 a brand new Hoveround, delivered this morning.  The wonderful gentleman who brought it warned me to use it on lowest speed, which is still faster than the old chair went at high speed.  He certainly saved my life and the entire apartment with that warning, because I’m sure if I ever open it up to full speed it would possibly  hit the town’s speed limit.  At this time in my life I think I’m through with going the speed limit.  It seems safer to fly under the radar now.  But isn’t this a beautiful chair?

I was so ready for something good to happen.  We are under another Severe Weather Warning.  A freeze warning, for heavens sake!!!  I hope anyone around here who may have tried planting anything outside has them covered, because the temp will be in the 20’s tonight.  Didn’t the calendar say something about spring?  It was so nice last week, with the sun shining and the weather so pleasant.  Then the old joints started screaming at me, and I just mostly spent yesterday in the nest fighting the urge to take a pain pill.  Nope!  I plan on a couple more decades, and don’t plan on popping a pill every time the weather changes, so that’s the way this cookie crumbles.  I think this might be Dogwood Winter, but then it could be another type of winter.  Every time something blooms we have a cold spell that accompanies it.

3-28-14 003 This is the sky outside my window last night.  It’s not much better today.  The rain was hitting the window in loud slaps and the wind howling all night, but so far today we only have the wind.  We’re still a bit wet from the last round of rain, so it would be nice if we could store this somewhere for the middle of summer when there could be drought conditions.

Thought briefly about going out to the grocery  today, but just the sound of that wind chills me, so no way I’m leaving the building until it warms up.  Hopefully that will be next week.  It would be one thing if I needed groceries, but since I have all I need, going is just an adventurous way to go out.  So, big sigh, I’ll stay home and finish knitting my sock, and if it looks decent, I’ll make a matching one.  If it doesn’t look decent, I”ll rip it out and start over — again.  I’m turning the heel now, and this is the first time I’ve made it this far, so it’s better than all previous tries.  I need some small knitting project for the summer months, so I chose socks.  By the time I finish this pair Lent will be over, and I will be free to buy more yarn, so I can buy other sock yarn, and some baby yarn to make some preemie hats, booties, and mittens to send my sis in Colorado for the babies she works with in the hospital.  She’s a nurse, and I guess is now working that area, after being in labor and delivery most of her career.  Of course, when she joined the Air Force, with typical military wisdom, she was assigned to the male geriatric ward.  She told me once she stood by waiting all day for one of the guys to shoot out a baby for her to catch, but it never happened.  So I told her, when it did, let me know so I could write it up for the Guinness Book of World Records, with an additional article for the Diocesan newspaper.  Wasn’t my genre, but I was sure the editor would be interested.



10 responses to “NEW WHEELS — WHOO –HOO

    • Thanks Mark. Driving safely will take all the fun out of it, but I’ll try. And it will go 13 miles between power charges, so I can go from one end of town to the other, which tells you how small this town is. When it warms up again I can go down and take pics of the river. Yay!

    • Thanks for the idea PLGCM, but these days I leave the NASCAR to my cousin, Chris Green. I think he still drives. Mike and Jeff have quit the game while they are still in one piece, but Chris is still in it for the ladies. Actually it’s the KY Speedway around here now. No NASCAR in KY, just the drivers.

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