Sunday Morning OOPS!

It all started with a bang.  No, I didn’t hit the floor, and the floor didn’t come up and hit me.  I was just half awake when I got an urge for a fritatta.  Fortunately I had some eggs.  Several times when I get food urges I don’t have some necessary ingredients.  There are some things you can substitute something else for, but I don’t have anything that would come close to an egg.  Also have the milk I would need, and several choices of cheese for the top.

Scrounged around in the fridge and pantry for other ingredients, and found an onion, some baby spinach and of course, asparagus.  Close to a home run.  It took a while, but I managed to get the skillet out of the pile of pots, pans and other cook ware it was in (my cleaning lady put them where I could find them).  Got my cutting board out and put it on my lap, and started chopping veggies with my trusty chef’s knife.  First OOPS.  Dropped the knife on my foot.  Fortunately, the sharp side was UP!  No blood.

Got out clean chef’s knife — yeah, I have 3 of them, to go with the 3 cutting boards.  Finished the prep work, oven was pre-heating, and I turned the burner on while I grated 3 cheeses.  Bet you were wondering about that 3rd cutting board, huh?  Sometimes I slice the cheese with the 3rd knife.  Mostly I grate it.

image So, while grating the cheese, I smelled something that just wasn’t right.  Wasn’t sure what it was, just knew it wasn’t right.  Looked up and the rubber handle of one of my utensils was on the wrong burner, smoking and melting.  OOPS.  I turned on the wrong burner.  Had to figure out how to carefully stand up quickly and turn the fan over the stove on so the smoke alarm would not go off.  Anybody figure out what I just said yet?  I haven’t, and I just wrote it.

Fan on, alarm off, correct burner on, oil heating, cheese grated, onions dropped in oil, another strange smell.  OOPS!  Just burned the onions.  Pulled them off the burner and OOPS!  dropped skillet on the floor.  Lap full of cheese, floor full of oil and charred onions.  The good news is, the cheese stayed on the cutting board.  The bad news is, I had to clean an oily mess off the floor.  And saute more onions.  But I got my fritatta, took a bite and remembered I forgot the salt, but it’s much easier to add salt than to take it out if you over salt, so that wasn’t much of an oops moment.

By the time I finished my breakfast they announced over the PA system that Panera Bread was here with their weekly delivery, so I got down there as fast as I could, just in case they brought some dessert.  Every Sunday they bring the day old bread to the building so we can have a cat fight over who gets the sweet things, and who gets stuck with the regular bread.  It came early today, so there were some whole coffee cakes and cookies, and since I was the only one with a rubber glove, I got the task of pulling off chunks of the coffee cakes for everyone, making sure I got a chunk for myself.  They always bring bushels of baguettes, and I think I may be the only person in the building Friday 4-11-14 008 (that’s it in the back) who knows what to do with a baguette, I can bring as many of them as I want home and not feel bad about it.  I pretty much stayed out of the kitchen after that.  This isn’t exactly a Don Charisma quality photo, but I do love those thunderhead skies.  They opened up about 10 minutes after I got home, and after the clouds were almost black.  And then the sunset looked like this: Friday 4-11-14 023  I like that one better.



6 responses to “Sunday Morning OOPS!

    • Just part of the adjustment and learning process MM. More of my little train wrecks that are so funny after the fact. I wish I had my camera with me to photograph the action when the onions hit the floor.

      • If I only had the power of premonition, so I could set the camera up on video and pointed at the correct place I could get some good ones. But no selfies until I get my hair cut MM.

    • A few of my friends in the building would just call it scrambled eggs Mark. When the skillet hit the floor it was almost scrambled eggs and brains, because I hit my head when I leaned over to wipe the mess up.

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