Award Day — Trying To Stay Caught Up

Community Of Bloggers Award

Community Of Bloggers Award

I would like to thank my friend Brian, at fozzyfitness — for awarding me this Community of Bloggers badge.  He has been extremely helpful to me in the short time I have known him in this community — or family, of bloggers.  He is a special person, living, like most of us, with special needs and special lives.


It means so much to me to belong to this family of bloggers.  While I will probably never meet you in person, you know more about me than my biological family will ever know, because you care.  To receive an award just for being part of a family makes me feel so honored, I can hardly tell you how I feel inside.   So, I’ll tell you a story:

I saw a friend in pain and asked my God to let me share his pain.

God whispered “not yet”

I saw a friend in need and asked my God to let me help him with money.

God whispered “not yet”

I saw a friend who was homeless and asked God if I could share my home.

God whispered “not yet”

Then one day I had money, health and a home of my own,

And God whispered “now”.

My nominees are:
















The Inner Peace Award


There is a second version of this award available.  This is the version I chose, but you can see the second one at and choose that one if you wish.  I want to thank Don for this award, and sorry, but my memories of Yoda are of 3 feisty grandchildren in a theater many years ago, chasing them down while getting my ears blown out by the noise.  The new version is beautiful, but with that memory, I had to go with the dove.  Doves are MUCH quieter, and make me feel more inner peace than the Star Wars movie, which would have been more enjoyable if I had been able to watch uninterrupted by riding herd on 3 young children.

The only ‘rule” to accepting this award it to write a short piece on why you are accepting it.  Then you can forward it on to other bloggers if you wish.  I’m forwarding it on to the list above.


My life has been full of anything but peace almost since the day I was born.  After 50 years of being beaten down by life and the people around me, I finally broke free and found myself on my own for the first time.  The going was hard at first.  I had money of my own for the first time.  But money didn’t bring me peace or happiness.  I saw people all around me who needed what I didn’t.  So, I began giving it away, until little by little, it was gone.  My family was horrified and angry, but I moved to this small apartment, had enough to keep me fed, clothed, and some extra for some of the things I wanted rather then needed.  I found new “family” members who appreciated my friendship, not what I could give them.  And one day I woke up and realized I was at peace with life, myself and God.  The money didn’t buy happiness or peace, that came from inside, from my heart.





13 responses to “Award Day — Trying To Stay Caught Up

    • If only you didn’t have that “No Awards” note on your site Beautiful friend. I so want to put your name on all of those lists. HUGS right back at you.

      • Awh you are too sweet~I did that because I don’t want to pick I could never pick those that I love because I love so many! You have blessed me with your sweet comment that is award enough for me and also your presence is the best thing I could hope for! 😀

      • It really is hard to pick. I mostly try to pick the ones that don’t have many awards, but always send them to Jess at Therapy Bread, because she gave me my first ever award. I feel awarded every time I see one of your photos and read your poetry. I want to print them out and frame them, but since they are not public domain I resist the urge. I’m just so glad you found me and then I found you.

  1. Oh Angie, what a wonderful story, what wonderful sentiment, you are a truly lovely lady xx thank you so much for including me in your list, it is an honour and a gift 🙏

      • You are very welcome my dear!! You read this:
        ” blogs that inspire creativity, nature, connection,
        communication and beauty” ….

        That’s why I nominated you!! Hugs ….

      • I guess I should stand back and try looking in the mirror. Maybe I could see what others see, instead of what I see. It just comes out through my finger, not my eyes.

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