The Post That Almost Wasn’t

This was one of those “OUCH” days, with the weather changing for a few hours.  I could feel it when I was in that “almost awake” period this morning, not wanting to crawl out of my nest for any reason, just wanting to curl up tighter, wrap the covers tighter around me and not move even a hair on my head, because it might hurt if I did.  All my instant weather reporters screaming at me that it was not going to be pretty outside.  And SO glad I had yesterday afternoon in the sun.

Then I remembered.  Today is the day Mary Ann comes.  She does odd jobs for me every Friday, since I broke the shoulder.  So I had to abandon the nest and hit the shower, hopefully not the floor, but the shower chair.  Glory be — success!  Hair — clean.   Getting too long, but scissors up high so I will have to get it cut by someone who knows how to cut and style it, instead of my usual trick of grabbing the scissors and chopping off anything that has the nerve to stick out.  I got so upset (?) with the nerve of my hair one time I used NAIR to make it all disappear.  I used to use that stuff on my legs and it never worked.  On my head?  Oh, it worked.  I was bald for months, because my hair only grows when I don’t want it to.

Shower taken, clean clothes on, dirty clothes put in basket, then check fridge, pantry, freezer to see if anything looked good.  Nope.  Okay, does anything look better than the rest?  Nope.  Eventually opened a can of cream of mushroom soup, grabbed a spoon and started eating the soup out of the can.  And in the interest of full disclosure, I also had some OJ out of the jug.  Guess I can be as much a slob as anyone else in the world when I just feel slobby.  And the warm shower had me all relaxed and feeling slobby, so I really didn’t want any dirty dishes around.  The spoon I grabbed was plastic, so, while I try to be environmentally friendly, on days like this one I go for comfort.  I’ve stopped all the pain meds, so I’m just respecting the pain, right????

Callie and me50-1 Ray called to ask if I wanted the usual catfish dinner today, but since the last solid food I ate caused me to have a really bad choking problem, I’ve been steering clear of breaded food that is difficult to swallow, and as much as I love the catfish, I turned it down.  Decided instead to go over to Kroger and get some shrimp instead.  Oh, I could have baked some catfish, but I really wanted shrimp, and also wanted some asparagus.  So after Mary Ann left, I got on my horse and rode over to Kroger.  Almost did some impulse buying, but kept reminding myself I couldn’t eat it right now, don’t waste money on something that will die in the fridge before I can eat it, leave it there, don’t do it, etc,etc,etc.  So I was a good girl — mostly, made the rounds a second time and put the impulses back, got the shrimp and asparagus I went for, and headed home.

It was clouding up on the way home, really looking nasty out there, but I got home okay.  The sun came out briefly tonight, put on a fab show, then left us, and the bad storms are heading in on Sunday.  So tomorrow is the “fooled you, I’m still on the way” day in between.

Tomorrow will be asparagus day.  Yummy!  I have enough for about 3 meals if I make something to go with it,  maybe even 4.  All those tiny little spears of green goodness.  My favorite spring color, and the one I can’t wait to see starting in January when winter has worn out its welcome.  Shrimp scampi with asparagus, fritatta with asparagus, baked potato with asparagus, just grilled asparagus with Italian dressing with some chicken.

And to think, I almost didn’t even get on the computer today because my shoulders hurt.  Why on earth would I give up because of a few twinges?





12 responses to “The Post That Almost Wasn’t

    • Thanks Mark. Yeah, I love to graze in the green stuff, and finding the affordable asparagus was a treat. Bet you would rather eat a dead cow, right? Wish I had known you back when I was seriously thinking about shooting a herd of the beasts. I would have had one delivered to your doorstep. Packed in dry ice, of course.

    • Seriously Elaine. People thought I had cancer and were telling me they were praying for my recovery, and not to worry, the hair would grow back. I felt horrible about it, and of course, when it grew back it still stuck out in those stupid little sprigs. You should see my hat collection.

  1. I LOVE asparagus! It is one of my all time favorite veggies, especially in the spring! Let me know what you end up making!

    • Jess, today I kept it simple and braised it lightly then sprinkled some dry Italian dressing mix on it. Tomorrow morning will start out with a fritatta and chop asparagus on the top at the end of baking time, then baked potato with some on that, then finish up the rest braised with the rest of the packet of Italian dressing. Probably have a snack tonight also. Then back to the store for another pound on Monday. I might get more inventive then, but right now I’m just enjoying the first fresh asparagus I’ve found this spring in all it’s natural beauty.

    • I love it that way also Anne. I just braise it in butter, and sprinkle it with the dry Italian seasoning. But, I also have a lemon for another meal, a baked potato with a lot of toppings ready to top, and some shrimp for scampi, that will have some asparagus in it. When I eat it alone, it is usually at room temperature by the time I pour my drink and get seated at the table.

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