I Got Cheese On My Face

And my jeans and shirt.  ‘Scuze me a minute.

002 This was our sunset last night (Wednesday)  We actually had a sunset!!!!  Such a wonderful ending for a day.

And today I started out for a trip to the grocery, taking my camera with me.  On the way out of the building I realized my chair wasn’t fully powered up, and would get me TO the grocery, and maybe half way around the aisles, but would run out of juice before I got home.  So, I had choices.  I really hate having to make choices.  But I made the best one, and sat outside in the nice, windy sunshine, taking photos of the scenery.  A lot of them were blurry, because some of the blossoming trees I tried were being blown so hard by the eternal wind around this building that all I got were white blurs, but I did get a few nice ones. 003 Okay, parked cars, but I don’t even look at them.  I see blooming Bartlett pear trees and green grass, instead of the bare branches and brown dead stuff we had there a couple of weeks ago.  And skies that aren’t black and gray.  011 010 014 000_0023 015 017 000_0023 000_0020 I took all of the photos today except the fish.  That one was taken at the end of last summer, when the water was getting cloudy.  When I looked at the pond today I was horrified to see nothing there except for green scummy water that could not possible sustain life.  The fountain is working, and there are a couple of dandelions and other green things around it, but the fish had reproduced so rampantly over the years that they didn’t survive the winter.  Alongside all the beauty I had to see that horrific reminder of mismanagement, tax evasion/fraud that has gone so wrong, and be reminded of how it is still going wrong and yet the manager keeps her job.  Nope!  Not going there.

I never did get to the grocery.  Maybe tomorrow.  Haven’t charged my choo-choo up yet either.  I’ll plug it in tonight while I sleep, or at least roost in my nest.  Cluuuck, clluuuck, cluck, cluck.  And the very best news of all — drum roll please, my headache is gone, along with my allergies.  At least for now.  Guess it was the chocolate overload instead of the trips outside the building.  But (whine, whine, whine) I want my chocolate.  It’s still sitting beside my nest, tempting me.  So here’s the question.  I gave up buying yarn for Lent.  Now that is still on for another week.  Since I can no longer eat chocolate, can I substitute giving up that for yarn?  No, I know I can’t.  Everyone is just having all of these tempting SALES right now.  I’m just a wuss.



2 responses to “I Got Cheese On My Face

    • I’m not sure Mark, but a guess would be they died from over crowding in the small pond. Our oh so competent NOT manager has the pond covered every winter, so absolutely no oxygen gets in, and they probably drowned. Just the latest example of how/why is she still holding down a job she is so not competent for.

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