The Butterfly Light Award

butterfly-light-award Isn’t this beautiful?  Today I was awarded this badge by my friend, Don Charisma at, the charismatic man who created my Angie’s Place logo.  He was awarded the badge by Belinda, at  Thanks Don.  This is beautiful, and cherished.  I’ve wanted to be one of your awardees for a long time now, so thanks for putting me on the list.



1.    You must write an acceptance post, making sure you link back to the blogger who awarded you and thank them.  YOU MAY NOT lump this award in with other awards.

2.    You must individually name and re-award at least 1 or more blogger(s).  You must let them know either personally with a comment on their blog OR a pingback on their about page.

3.    You must link back to Belinda’s blog at

4.    You must write a short paragraph titled either “How I’m Spreading Light”  OR  “How I’m A Positive Influence”

5.  Display Belinda’s beautiful “Butterfly Light Award” badge on your blog.



Also hopefully spreading the light and laughter.  Since I have lived with MS since I was 15 years old, back in the really dark ages, I have gone thru all the stages of living, and finally decided the best stage is laughter.  So I’ve decided the way I’ll spend the rest of my years by laughing at everything that comes up, and sharing the fun I find along the way by talking about it, and joking about it to anyone who will read or listen.  Yeah, there are bad days, but mostly there are good ones, and sharing what I have is the only way to live.  Somewhere in my world there is always someone with less, and I am always happy to share what little or how much I have with them.  I may not slay dragons, but I can fill an empty stomach.


I’ll only name one person, and anyone else who stops by my post is welcome to pick up a butterfly and post it, along with a paragraph about the subjects mentioned.

1.    Jess, at



17 responses to “The Butterfly Light Award

    • Thanks again Dr. Rex. I think the entire WordPress family deserves this. I only nominated one, Jess, because she works two jobs and doesn’t have time to check out other sites. Plus, she sent me my first awards on my first blog before my computer crashed and I lost everything on it.

      • I think that this is a great one alright!!! I have to think a bit about who to nominate.
        The graphic turned out great!!

        Thanks again!! 😎

      • I know. I wanted to put everyone in there, but didn’t have time to look up all the addresses, so just told everyone to come and grab one, and follow the rules. The only one I knew well enough to pull out of my head is Jess, so that is the one I put down.

    • Thanks Don, and thank you for the award. My shoulder was hurting too much to type out each individual address, so I just sent it out to all of the people who visited. Hope you don’t mind.

  1. Aww thank you so much for the nomination! I am going to get on this one right away as it doesn’t seem too time consuming! 😉

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