Ah, Well, Don Is NOT Happy

3-28-14 004 And with clouds like these all afternoon, I am not happy.  Or maybe it’s just my bones that are not happy.  But tomorrow — Sunshine all around, or so my trusty (?) weather signal tells me.  Oh, it’s still a red flag, but that’s because of the flood warning.  It will be around for another week or so.  But when I click on it, the forecast is for sunny weather, me and my guy — eh, no guy.  There goes that song.

So, I don’t have to buy another UK championship shirt.  Still, they went farther than anyone…except Don, thought they would go.  I don’t have any photos of him being sad, so I can’t post one.  And I wouldn’t if I did have one.  He wasn’t even sad when he was a baby.  So I’ll be sad for him.  Picture me pouting 😦

100_2553 Remember this photo?  My “go to” son Mike, working on my unfixable power chair.  Hopefully, this monster — the chair, not Mike, will be out the door very soon.  A guy from Hoveround was here to access the chair to see if it would cost less to repair it or replace it.  He’s betting they will decide on the new one, but if they can restore this one to really good order, hey! I’ll take it.  All it needs is new fenders, new covers on the batteries, new batteries, new seat, new back, new arms, new tires, new gizmos for making the back work in straight or reclining position……I think the only thing that works is the joystick.  Since it’s so great when I want to move the furniture, I do kinda hope they can replace everything.  Just realized it also needs new hub caps.  I remember the day one of them rolled off on to the busiest street in town.  Not being particularly suicidal, I decided not to run after it.  I still think that was a good call.

Latest screwup from the hospital, I got a notice from my Medicare people today that they have submitted a bill for 3 items they have already been paid for.  I’m beginning to think it’s incompetence instead of harassment.  I guess just can’t afford to hire anything but idiots these days.  Their dreams were larger than their wallets when they started the project, which had it’s grand opening 10 months ago.  I just sent a note off to my surgeon letting him know he was being tarred by the same brush as the hospital, and if he wanted to clear his own name, he had better check out what is going on there.  I’m ready to stop fighting and start laughing it off now.

I probably should have taken a photo of my dinner last night, but by the time I wrestled it successfully out of the oven, I was too tired to hold the camera, which I couldn’t find anyway.  Decided to make a veggie lasagna to use up the last of my fresh spinach before it became spinach water.  That sounds a bit icky, right?  Anyone ever had lasagna soup?  Too much sauce creates soup.  Tastes pretty good, and I didn’t spill a drop of it on myself, a personal first.  Especially since I was wearing pastel jeans.  When I refrigerated the leftovers, I drained the excess sauce off, so today had lasagna.  I’ll have to add more cheese to it though.  Most of the cheese seems to have melted into the soupy part, but somewhere in the fridge I’m sure I’ll find cheese.  If not there, then maybe the freezer.  I just can’t conceive of running out of cheese.

Oh, yeah, I pulled my nest away from the wall this afternoon.  Kinda got in a hurry when I noticed it was time to get my ride to the doctor’s office, and got hooked to the bed.  I mean, it’s one thing to get a bin of watermelons hooked to the chair, but a bed that it took 4 men to carry in????  That’s real power.



12 responses to “Ah, Well, Don Is NOT Happy

    • Don’s still really happy they made it as far as they did, and since no one else had the right correct names on the finish, or whatever it’s called, he won as well as lost. He bounces well, being my son. I think we all have some built in springs attached somewhere. Mine just aren’t in my shoulder. My head, but not shoulder.

  1. Hey there sweet trainwreck well you had an eventful day! Gotta love a man that fixes things or attempts to! I love your stormy clouds shot. I am all about the weather and totally believe we are all effected by it in so many ways we don’t even know.
    Medicare and billing, while I don’t have medicare anytime there is a bill for hospitals or docs I hate opening the mail. 😀 is that avoidance or what?
    Well I’m headed off to bed, just wanted to check in on you and see how you are doing and how your day went. Hugs and sleep well! New fenders huh? I think everyone needs to have wider halls and more room! 🙂

    • Thanks MM. I actually avoid getting my mail out of the box until it is so full they call me to come and clean it out. Then half of the mail tears up while I pull a huge stack of mostly junk (bills) out. Wider halls and doorways are always good. And having a Mr. Fixit for a son is great. He is handy, but very irritating at times now that he’s grown up. Keeps telling me if I would just hit my head I would be okay because that’s the hardest part of my body. Little brat!

    • Thanks, Irene, I decided long ago it’s easier to look at the bright side of things rather than the dark. Mostly I do, because it’s too much like work the other way.

    • You know, Elaine, it really is tasty. Most of my “experiments” gone bad in the kitchen turn out to be tasty, even when they are also “interesting”. Some I’ll try again, some I’ll just try to forget. Of course, the ones I try to forget seem to linger longest in my brain.

      • Yeah, like the songs you hear that you absolutely hate. The food I experimented with last was a sardine and white fish club sandwich. I’m part of a Casual Food group and we were discussing sardines, which we all loved, and a club sandwich came up, so I volunteered to try a sardine club out. Ick! The taste will be in my mind several years after I die I’m afraid, if I live another hundred years.

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