Love And Best Wishes To Sarah

Sarah & Chue Lopez This is my beautiful cousin, Sarah Swauger, and her fiance, Chue Lopez, newly engaged to be married.  Her mom, Leslie Anne, told me the wedding will be in early November or early January.  Hey guys, I vote for November.  I know, I know, I already have a million cousins, but I’m always open to a million more.

Sarah and Chue engagementThe engagement ceremony was blessed recently by a Franciscan priest, at the Franciscan College they both attended in Stubenville, IL.  Sarah works there now, but not sure about Chue.  I keep hoping she will bring him home, which actually was never her home, to meet us at some time.

Her grandmother, Eleanor, was my mom’s sister.  We lost her way too soon.  Since Sarah’s granddad was an Air Force pilot, they moved a lot, but I’m fairly sure she was born in Florida.  Her mom, Leslie Ann, was probably born in Nebraska, but I can’t even be sure of that any more.

Ya see, the Blandford family is large.  There are about 3 or 4 generations of cousins.  I am, big sigh, in the oldest generation.  Hey, what can I say, it is what it is.  Then there’s the second generation that would encompass Larry and Bristle Thistle, my brother and sister, who prefers not having her name mentioned,IMAG0658 but this is a good photo of Larry.  I know most of the cousins in their generation, but again, my mom had 10 brothers and 2 sisters, and most of them had a lot of kids.

After this generation, there is Ray’s generation. Callie and me50-1 Doug, Pat, Phil and Mark are in that group, plus numerous others Ray could name, but I was the baby sitter by then.  Never thought about it before, but ….. hummmm, the word blackmail comes to mind when I think of those 5 guys.  Doug, Pat, Phil and Mark lived behind us, and I sat with them a lot.  I mean a WHOLE lot.  Wonder what it’s worth to them for me to stay quiet about them….

Then there would be Elaine’s generation, six years after Ray, which means a few cousins between them.  Janet, Doris, Peggy, another Doris, well, I know them when I see them, but since Peggy is a double first cousin I usually know her best.  And I did say Usually, because I admit I’ve seen her a few times lately and known I knew her from somewhere, but not sure where.

After that group, would be a couple of other groups, and then Leslie Ann’s group.  But she looks so much like her mom, I could pick her out of a crowd, unless of course it happened to be Sarah instead.  Sarah looks like her mom.

So anyway, back to the point, this is a happiness story tonight.  A beautiful princess, a handsome prince who found each other in college, and a fervent wish for a life filled with love and happiness.  A long, long life together.  God bless you both, Sarah and Chue.




6 responses to “Love And Best Wishes To Sarah

  1. Lovely family tribute tonight, Angie. You impress me with the way you hang on to beautiful memories and thoughts for so many generations of cousins in your large family.

    • Thanks Mark. I love them all. So many are gone now, always missed, but still so many left. And since my cousins were my first friends and playmates, and always ready to bring me burgoo, they’ll be with me long after my time is over. Along with Ray, of course. I just try not to give Ray any openings.

    • Thank you MM. I’ll try some day to put up the photo of my extended family, or at least the 300 members, who made it to our last family reunion.

      • It really is a blessing. And so many jokers in the group. I just hope I have the photo saved somewhere. The 300 are about a third of the entire family, which is continuing to grow.

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