It Only Took A Burp

So, last night I was in my third day of heavy chest pains, not sure if I was on the brink of the major heart attack the cardiologist told me I would have six years ago.  Frantically looking for my nitro-stat, absolutely certain that was it.  I decided to have a last meal of a beautiful black rice I found a few months ago and hadn’t tried yet, so while it was simmering, decided to try a glass of soda and water.  Well, the title says it all.  It was actually a series of burps, if you’ll excuse the plain expression here.  And some extra relief from another source I can’t really put delicately, but could run a car across the country with.  Ah, what the heck.  We all have gas at times.

Black rice 001 I took a photo of my black rice, which is a beautiful purple when done.  And what a taste!  My new favorite rice.  I made a mushroom gravy to go on top, then thinly sliced some fresh spinach between the hot rice and the hot gravy, and oh, how delicious.  Not being a food blogger, even knowing the correct words (because I follow a lot of food bloggers) I don’t know how to spell the word for making the thin slices of spinach, chif n something, and I’m tired of spell check trying to correct me all the time, but if you ever see this in your grocery, try it.  Organic, gluten free, cholesterol free, low cal, and self proclaimed food of the Emperors, this peasant can say I’m glad said Emperors allowed us to have so buy it.

100_2445 You’ve met my son Don, the ultimate UK basketball fan.  I just called him to see if he’s happy today (UK played in the Final Four last night) and he’s happy.  So, tomorrow, or maybe the day after, I’ll see if he’s extactic.  One last game for the season.  Since I personally don’t watch the games, I have to be an enthusiastic follower because UK is in the family.  Don and my daughter, Gina,  Gina, Ethan Bill 2013 shown here with son Ethan, currently Freshman at UK, and hubby Bill, chief of staff at UK, as well as grad, are both graduates there.  Older brother Tony retired from there.  I have thousands of cousins and a brother (Ray) who have UK rooms in their homes, not to mention an Aunt and Uncle, DSC01961_edited-1 (my Aunt Marie on the left, and my Mom, Mary , on the right) all of whom would ream me out of the family if my veins showed any color but Wildcat blue.

Oh, goodness, I have some email to check, some blogs to visit, and some googling to do, to see if I can find a sand blaster for my sinuses.  Even my trusty Netti Pot isn’t helping this year.  Ever hear the expression “Arrrrrrgh”?  Okay, spell check.  I say that’s a word.




9 responses to “It Only Took A Burp

  1. Well, gas upstairs and downstairs sure beats a heart attack in the middle, Angie.

    Your family of Blue bloods should be in full glory tomorrow night. Great season for Coach Cal and the ‘Cats.

    • It sure feels better Mark. I kept hoping it was just gas, heartburn, anything but a heart attack.
      And I’m sure hoping Don will be very happy tomorrow night, although he is already extremely happy and surprised. After all, we weren’t even on the list when it all started. Whatever the outcome, I definitely need a new shirt.

  2. Black rice is something I have never cooked with! I had black rice sushi at a burmese/thai restaurant once and it was yummy! A bit “nuttier” than regular white rice. I will have to snatch it up if I see it for sale at the market sometime….

    • I’m going to buy another package of it. I love it, and am thinking of so many ways to use it with my re-hydrated veggies, or other wilted veggies, sauteed veggies, maybe some meats. I have a habit of trying out every new rice I see in the grocery just to see what it tastes like, and this is my best of all find–even better than the jasmine, which was my favorite before.

  3. Black rice are really tastful Angie. Try one time after boiling and resting time to put a little butter inside the pot and turn it around in the rice before serving, very delicate.

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