New Awards, New Thank You’s

I have been blessed by two friends, Kitty, at Dear Kitty, Some blog, and Brian at fozzyfitness with two new awards, plus two new angels, one from Dr. Rex and one from old friend Don Charisma.  He created my logo for my former blog, Angie’s Place, A Train Wreck Looking For A Home.  I thank all of them for their awards, and humbly accept.  And again, I’m nearly speechless.  This time though it could be the three days of chest pain making me that way.  Hanna Homemaker, my cleaning lady, loves to hide things from me, and on my MIA list now is my Nitro tabs.  Eh, what the heck.  Six years ago the doc gave me a year, so I’ve beat him for 5 extra.

Stop by and visit Kitty, at her blog.  She blogs about animals, peace and war, science, social justice, women’s issues, arts, and many other subjects.  It never gets boring.

And Brian is a new friend who blogs about everything in life, and fitness, as his blog name tells you.  He’s an amazing person, who has gone through a lot of hoops in his life time.

So here we go.  The rules are different from each other, but in the interest of my now severe pain, I will combine them and make the rules the same for them both.  And I suppose I should display them here first of all.

wonderful-readership-award2  sunshine-award-sunflower3  doncharisma-org-angel-award-660x660  angel2I also added the two new angel awards sent to me by 2 of my angels, so everyone grab them.

So, the rules for the first two awards are:


1    Announce in a post that you received the Award and display the Award icon in your post.

2.    Thank the blogger who nominated you.

3.    Write 10 interesting things about yourself

4.    Nominate 10 great and inspirable bloggers to receive the Award

5.    Link your nominees and let them know they have been nominated.

So, interesting things about me.  I may have used them all.  Let me think here.

1.  Since it’s been raining so much here lately, and I’ve been catching parts of my computer desk on my chair and slowly destroying it, I’ve decided to glue all the splinters together and build myself a personal size ark.

2.  I’ve run out of glue.

3.  I have found so many wonderful recipes on your blogs that I’ll have to live another 100 years to make them all.  So, I’m sure my chest pain is from indigestion.

4.  I have an evil cat who loves to jump out in front of me when I am going thru a door, so she now lives at my daughter’s home it Frankfort, with two other cats and three of my grandkids.  Four of them when Ethan runs out of clean clothes and has to come home to do his laundry.  She and the original two cats don’t play well together.

5.  There is a very irritating home made commercial on TV that starts out with a girl with a very shrill voice played every hour of the day.  I jump out of my skin each time I hear the opening shriek.

6.  I got a phone call, supposedly from Washington, D.C. today, telling me the government wanted to put $10,ooo in my bank account.  All they needed was my account number.  I started reading him his rights and told him his phone number had been traced and he was about to be arrested.  Don’t know why he hung up on me.

7.  Whew, running out of things that might be interesting.

8.  My favorite Rayism (things my brother says) is “I don’t know if I remember that or not”.

9,  I love the old time country music, back when it was really country, and once sang backup for lynard skynard.  Only one time and that’s all it took to realize I didn’t want that life.

10.  Wow, last one.  I learned to play guitar when I was 28 years old, and sang and played duets with my sister until she joined the Air Force.  I did lead while she did harmony.  Always wanted to change places, and let her take the lead.

And my nominees are:  TA DA!!!!

1.   Jess at Therapy Bread.  She gave me my first 3 awards on my old site.

2.  Dr. Rex, a new friend who inspires me.

3.  Mark Bialczak, a dear friend in Syracuse who helped me get a blog back.

4.  Don Charisma, an old friend who created my newest Angel Award, ass well as my featured image, Angie’s Place with the two cute kissing cupids.

5.  Elaine at foodbod, who has inspiring blogs about why different people blog and how long they have been blogging.

6.  Anne at Tales Along The Way, an old friend from my first blog that got lost when my computer had a major meltdown and was out of service for about 4 months.

7   Mo, everyone’s favorite Crazy Crone, who really isn’t crazy at all.  Great CGI photos.


9. who paints a mind picture with her words.

10.  Anyone named Jennifer, because that is what I named my personal angel who lived 17 hours, and kissed me on her way home that long ago night.’


If you read my blog and see yourself listed, please grab and go.  If not, I’ll try to contact you on Monday, because I’m hurting too much right now.  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.



19 responses to “New Awards, New Thank You’s

  1. Thank you Angie. Love the new badges. I will get to accepting before May, I promise. Congratulations! A kiss from me aimed upstairs to your angel Jennifer, too.

    • Thanks Mark. My blog tonight will explain what the problem was. And Jennifer is always here watching over me, always taking care of mommy. I only hope there’s a Jennifer out there to accept the awards. No hurry on that.

    • Thank you so much Peace (I don’t even know your name). Been there done that on the pneumonia. I don’t want to go back, because it sucks big time. My problem was solved with a glass of water and sodium bicarbonate. Talk about someone being full of it, LOL.

    • Thanks Dr. Rex. I hope that helps get the word to everyone. Seems my problem was solved by a dose of water and sodium bi-carb, and some huge burps. Now if the sinuses would only clear up, but that would include a transplant — or a sand blaster.

      • I’m so glad you are better. Had me worried for a bit.

        I do reblogs when the material that I think should be shared and for others to know. Saw an article about re-blogging etiquette that said one should ask. I don’t … I reblog bc I think others need to know!!!

        Good to see you here!! Hugs…. 😎

      • I was worried also. Three days of worsening pain had really nervous, and being unable to find my nitro just added to the stress, which added to the pain. Should have known to try the bi-carb at the start, but focused more on looking for the nitro. I’m glad you did the re-blog, because several people have found the post and are saving me the trouble of notifying them.

  2. Lovely Angie, congratulations on your fab awards, lovely to read more about you, and thank you so very very much for including me in your nominations, I am absolutely honoured 😀 I respond to awards in my own particular way so please forgive me if I don’t follow the rules xxx

    • You are so welcome Elaine. I didn’t exactly follow them the way they were written, since each award had different rules, just combined them so don’t worry about it. I brought over some from my former blog and posted them today, because it wasn’t really my fault I lost the other blog. I’m glad you found yours, so now I won’t have to tell you about it.

  3. Awww thank you so much Angie! All of these awards, we must really be something, huh? 🙂
    I will get to accepting this as soon as I can but suspect it won’t be for a few days! Thank you again and Congrats to you!

    • I’m not sure what I’ve done, but something seems to be going right. And believe me, you’ll be on every list, because you gave me my very first one. I know it takes hours to accept them, so don’t worry about how long it takes. But check out tonight’s blog — the part about the black rice. You will love the flavor of it. Then come up with some great recipes for it.

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