What A Day

So, I’ve been sitting here most of the day, listening to the radio — how many people listen to an actual radio these days?  Not me.  We have an in-house channel that shows all the activity going on at both entrances to the building, and the radio is set to a local station that plays almost oldies music, and weather updates 24/7.  The only problem with the channel is that it switches from door to door all the time, so just as someone gets to the door where the camera is trained, it switches to the other door, so you just never know who it is, unless you recognize their back or their legs.  Kinda irritating, but I only use it for background noise, so it doesn’t really matter.

Any hoo, I also have a weather thingy on my computer that has a red flag that waves at you when there is a weather alert.  Like I can’t hear the wind, thunder and see the lightning action going on 3 feet away from me?  I think  most of the action is moving east now, but we have had one heckyvfaday out there.  And shut up spell check.  It’s my blog and if I want to invent a new word I will.  Oh, goody.  One of the red flags went away.  One still waving.  It’s moving north east of us now.  Flooding news still to come.  And I just noticed I spelled my own word wrong.

A recent study Found this on Facebook and realized it is oh so true.  I’m finally at my teenage weight again, and trying to maintain it.  No more “It’s only 5 pounds,” every month, then every week, every day, every hour, etc, etc, etc.  And if you believe that, I have a big blue bridge I’ll sell you.  And for all of you unfamiliar with my home town of Owensboro, we really do have a big blue bridge across the Ohio River to Indiana.  They decided to re-paint it a couple of years ago, so asked people what color they wanted.  No contest.  It has always been the big blue bridge, and probably always stay that way.  At least until another barge crashes into it and knocks another chunk out of it.  We don’t have an Interstate here, so this is a small town with huge pretensions.  I love it here, with all it’s warts and quicksand.

Everything is so quiet outside now.  Can’t even hear the wind blowing.  That’s unusual, because we get a wind tunnel effect around here.  My 19 floor building is the tallest one in town and we have a year round wind tunnel effect outside.  On real windy days you risk life and limb going out the door, if you can even get the door open.  That’s okay though, because this building is the safest one in the mid-west.  Back in the day I went to workshops held by the Feds on security issues, and they all centered on this building.  I think that’s why I decided to move here.  The management back then was stellar, so unlike now when it is run by incompetents who have no idea what they are doing.  No, I’m not going there right now.  Still having issues with the hospital over my recent stay, so I have to choose my battles wisely.

It seems, according to the latest news from my Medicare carrier, that my surgery was performed in the Psych Ward, where I was under anesthesia, and self medicating myself with 7 different drugs 25 times each.  Math gives me a headache, but I just had to do this one.  In the course of the 2 hour surgery, while my left shoulder was being cut and my right arm had IV’s stuck it it, and tubes in mouth and nose, I gave myself 175 pills.  I don’t even want to think about the method or the mode of entry of whatever these meds were.  Or why my surgery was done in the Psych Ward.  And gee, for some reason, I don’t know why, Medicare denied the charges for these drugs.  To quote my brother Ray, Callie and me50-1 I don’t remember if I forgot that or not.  The names of the drugs I gave myself, that is.  For those who haven’t met him yet, Ray is my youngest brother–even though he looks older than all the rest of us put together, the least likely of the 4 of them to become a priest in my opinion, but then, I changed the kid’s diapers, yet he was the one out of the 3 who went to the seminary who was actually ordained.  He’s a genius, has the highest IQ of anyone in the Catholic High School most of us attended at one time or another.  Being bored stiff in the regular classes though, he got F’s and D’s in almost every class.

Now that was totally off subject, but then I just had a train wreck with my computer station and lost my mouse for a minute or so.  I’m slowly demolishing the computer station, so when they start the renovation and I have to move, this huge thingy can be thrown in File 13.  Or, if it’s any time soon, it can be used for my personal ark.  With today’s rain and the runoff from the eastern rain, I’m feeling a flood situation in the making.

I probably should just rename this The Unfinished Story, because it’s late, my butt is numb and I’m hungry.  So if I remember it, I’ll update things tomorrow.  About to climb in my nest now, and snuggle in for the night.  After I eat something.  NO!!!!  More thunder boomers.




5 responses to “What A Day

    • Thanks Irene. I did finally fall asleep around 2 a.m. when the thunder cleared out. And today it seems to be the second round. My bro is full of it — I mean them.

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