Severe Weather Warning Again

I really can’t believe it.  I was sure the bad stuff was gone, but maybe those red flags were just up so long they got stuck.  I crawled in my nest last night with a Severe Weather Watch still going on, and now at 2:15 on Friday, the flags are up for a Severe Weather Warning.  Ever feel like shooting the computer?  I sure do.  All I need is a gun and the ability to hit what I’m aiming at.  Took a course at the Police Department once called the Citizen’s Academy, where they taught us a lot of police procedures, showed us the holding cells (not a place I would want to be), and took us out to the firing range to shoot their guns.  They had the targets all set up, with one at the top and one at the bottom, and were very impressed with my shooting.  I hit the bulls-eye with every shot.  Problem is — and I never admitted it to them, I was aiming at the top target, and hit the bottom one.  So if I had a gun and a man tried to break in, I could just aim at his head and easily turn him into a soprano without even trying.  Since I don’t have the strength to do the foot, elbow, knee type of self defense any longer, and couldn’t scream if my life depended on it, the only option now would be to run him down with my chair.  Hey, I’ve moved furniture with my chair, so  I’m sure I could hit someone in the ankles and mow them down.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ray (l), Mom and Larry (r).  Two of my brothers and my mom who still looks like that at age 94.  We hold up well in this family.  Well, Ray could be the exception.  He took a vacation trip to the Rockies one year, camping his way from Wyoming to Arizona.  Left his razor at home.  By the time he arrived at our youngest sister’s house in Monument, CO, he was so scruffy she made him hose down outside before he came in to take a real shower.  By the time he got home he looked like Grizzly Adams.  Mom almost kicked him out of the family until he had his hair cut and at least had the beard shaped into something civilized looking.

Lost my train of thought.  Okay, Ray has been bringing in catfish dinners for Mom and me since Lent began, so he called earlier today to tell me he would be able to make it, because the flooding had gone down enough that the road was clear.  Fortunately he hadn’t picked them up yet, because in searching through my deep freezer last week I found 3 family sized bags of fish at the bottom that really need to be used.  So, since I love fish, I’ve been eating it a lot so it won’t develop freezer burn before it’s all gone.  Also found some shrimp I had forgotten about.  How on earth could I forget about having shrimp in there?  So I told Ray I wouldn’t be needing a catfish dinner today, because I have some thawing in the fridge that I’m going to bake with different seasonings.  I love the deep fried that he loves so much, and it is the official area fish, but I do like it fixed several different ways other than deep fried.  Of course, I lost my weekly glimpse of him by passing up the meal,  didn’t think about that until now.  He works too hard.

So now it’s official that the flooding has begun.  A few more splinter have torn off my computer station, so I’ll just start gluing them together with added match stick to build my ark, just in case I have to float out of here.  Since I’m on the 16th floor, I think I’m fairly safe.  Several other floors will have to sink before I sail out the window in my ark, so I want it finished.  May have to order some more glue though.  I think I may be running low on that.  And with the weather situation outside there could be a different situation with the fumes from the glue and ventilation thingy.  When I lived in a private house I could take it all outside and not worry about the fumes or nosy neighbors crowding around asking what I’m doing.  Here though, they might try to pirate my ark before I can get it finished, and then leave me behind.  So I’m making all my paranoid plans in secret and hiding them from the little green men from Mars by wearing my tin foil hat while I work on this project.  BTW, that blue bridge is still for sale.



16 responses to “Severe Weather Warning Again

    • Weeell, Suz, when I took a photography class, the prof. told me I have a crooked eye, meaning that even with a ruler I can’t cut a straight line, and I”ve proven over and over I can aim at the opening in a door and run into the wall, so I think I could create a lot of sopranos in this building just by aiming at their heads. Come to think of it, There are a few guys in the building I wouldn’t mind turning into sopranos.

      • Even with photoshop you have to be able to get the lines straight Suz. You wouldn’t believe how many times I had to do this thing because I got them crooked and had to start over. It gave me brain freeze, without even using ice cream to help it happen.

      • Sunshine this afternoon Mark, but the red flag seems to be stuck on the computer. Tomorrow will buy more glue if the water has gone down enough. Managed to chip a few more splinters off to add to the ark.

    • That’s the way the rock rolls here. the sun finally came out today, but it will take a while before things dry off. Two days in a row of rain, thunder and tornado, plus the wind blowing constantly are enough for me. I’m ready for a month of sunshine. Just enough rain to keep the crops watered all summer, then dry enough for harvest in autumn. In other words, Utopia.

    • Well, I have some new chips to glue to my ark in the making. The sun is finally out but the red flags are still there. If the sun is still out tomorrow I’ll head over to K-Mart for more glue. Good to have on hand when you need an ark.

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