Award Day

My Syracuse friend, music lover, movie lover and sports enthusiast, Mark Bialczak,  has nominated me for my second Dragon’s Loyalty Award.  Totally WOW!   A new badge, a second Dragon, and I’m totally floored, almost speechless.  Note, I said ALMOST.  I’m very seldom speechless.  I’ll even bet if I set up a tape recorder I would be talking in my sleep.

So here’s the badge:

Dragon's Loyality Award

Dragon’s Loyality Award

Cute, huh?  Thanks Mark.  I’ve loved dragons since Peter, Paul and Mary sang Puff, the Magic Dragon.  Now they have a whole new meaning.

So, here are the rules.

1.  Display the award on your blog.  Done

2.  Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.  Done

3.  Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award.  Coming up.

4  Link your winners in the post and let them know of their being awarded.  stay tuned

5.  Tell seven interesting things about yourself.  BRB.

Okay:  Not exactly in order, I’ll start with number 5.  Why?  Because I can.

Seven interesting things about myself:  Hummmm.

1.  I’m as old as dirt, but young at heart.

2.  I plan to get older than dirt, and stay young at heart.

3.  When I hit 50, I started counting my age backward.  I’m now younger than my kids.  Haven’t figured out how I had them before I was born, but my poor mom must have had one heck of a time giving birth.

4.  On December 31, 1999, I was named Poet of the Century by some publisher I have forgotten now.  The great honor came with no money, but a plaque they urged me to buy for $39.95 to hang proudly on my wall.  I proudly declined their offer.  I did, however, make my own plaque with the poem that won me the great honor (along with every other person who submitted an entry) and it hangs proudly on my wall.  The poem is about a dear friend and mentor, Fr. Danny Goff, a priest who died of AIDS.  A gentle man, born with hemophilia, who had to use blood plasma that had not been tested for the virus.  He was one of the leaders who made the drug companies start testing all of the blood products before using them.  RIP Danny.  Rick.  Scot.  Ron.  So many of you.

5.  Okay, so you may have guessed by that.  I was an activist in the stamp out AIDS movement.  Meeting Danny changed my life.  Always shy before, I was suddenly running an office, going all over the state giving speeches, talking to school kids, giving TV interviews.

6.  After living in the same place for 30 years, after my divorce I moved every year for 5 years until I finally settled in my present apartment, extremely tiny, but it felt like home from the beginning.

7.  Whew!  I still don’t know how to cook for one person.  I start out with good intentions, but there is always another bean I want to add to the pot, and suddenly it becomes dinner for 40.  My friends don’t complain though.  Some still show up at the door to see if I’ve started making meatloaf again.  Soon.

All Done!

Now:  My 15 nominees:
















Whoa!  That’s a lotta people.  Now I just have to notify them all.  Good thing I started early.

Here’s the fun part for me.  I’ve been working on this for a long, long time.  I have created my own award.

Angel Award For Blogging Excellence

Angel Award For Blogging Excellence

I know the caption says For blogging excellence. but it’s actually for the angels in my life.  And that means all of you who read my posts.  So everyone who reads this stop by and pick one up.  No strings, no rules.  You are all my angels, and I can’t name you all.  So I will probably just stop in at every blog and let you know it’s here.  And feel free to pass it on to all your friends and followers.  You can never have enough angels in your life.



44 responses to “Award Day

    • You were among my first angels when I got my blog started back again. Found some of the ones from the first blog, but there were some I couldn’t find. Hopefully they will find me again. Then I will have my old ones as well as my new ones.

      • It was crazy Elaine. I decided to put in a land line in addition to my cell phone, and for some reason ATT shut off my connection completely, promising a tech would be here by 4:00 that afternoon. Two months and a broken shoulder later, I was still trying to get my service turned back on. After 3 months of hourly phone calls and threats of lawsuits later, they finally sent the tech to hook up my land line and get my computer back online. Then I was unable to recover the old site, so had to change to a new email addy, and new blog name and start all over. I found Don Charisma and Mark Bialczak first, then Jess at Therapy Bread, and a few others I knew from the Slow Cooking group. There are others I haven’t been able to find, so I don’t know if they have shut down or changed their names. So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • I’m glad you are my first angel, because if you hadn’t been able to get the attention of WordPress, this angel would have had her wings clipped and her mouth duct taped shut. All of my efforts were in vain.

      • That makes me happy Mark. Make it my right side today, cause we’re under severe weather warning and it’s been painfully clear all day, if you get my drift. And OMG, this thing has gone viral. I had no freakin’ idea!!!!!

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I have found a new fellow blogger who is another good friend!!! She sent me to this page ….. “It Is What It Is’ has received the “Angel Award” ….. thank you, Angel!! From the heart ….. 🙂

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    • Thank you for the nomination. I’ll keep it in mind and decide later about accepting. I have some others on the waiting list also, but it will be a while before I decide. I do appreciate the nomination and am very grateful and appreciate your support.

  4. I loved this and found you through a blog from Dr. Rex. I can’t cook for one either! I’ll be 50 in 9 days and I still try to use my old skateboard even though I have a bad knee! Thank you for sharing about yourself. I enjoyed it immensely!

    • You are still a child. My daughter is 49. I am now 71 (don’t tell) and cook for farm hands for 30 years, after helping my mom cook for our family of 9. It just doesn’t make sense to dirty up the kitchen for one person, and I like my own cooking, so I still cook enough for an army, and feed my friends here in my apartment building. I pull out the amount I want to keep and freeze it for later, then open the door and let in the masses with their containers. We’re all happy that way.

    • You’re very welcome Hans. Thanks for all the great German recipes. They take me back to Mom and Pop Goetz’s kitchen when we were all young and Mom and Pop were still with us. My dad also. Mom taught me a lot about cooking.

    • Welcome to my train wrecks Beth. I already love the name of your blog, because one morning when I got out of my nest I stepped on my glasses. I can barely see my hand in front of my face without them, so getting somewhere to get the one hour new ones was lots of fun.

      • i see you can identify, angie. i use mine for reading mostly, but have a hard time picking out new glasses for this reason )

      • So do I. I always just hope the person in the optical department has good taste, because they usually tell me if they look good or not. I hate if they look bad, because my youngest kid is always so happy to laugh at me. He’s a Leap Year baby, so technically is only 11 1/2 years old now, and acts like it, but in reality is…46?

  5. Hey Angie, thanks for the award … sorry about not getting the badge done, I’m just about to post one now for you …

    Congrats on the Dragon’s loyalty award too 🙂

    Warm regards

    Don Charisma

    • No problem Don. I love the one you made, and it will be on my wall next blog. A lot of people are making them, so I’ll have a collection of them before long. Never expected a response like that one.

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  7. This is a lovely and funny post with a great way of accepting your nomination for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! I like your Angel Award, it is quite beautiful! I will only check in on you from time to time, I live without a home computer but go to the library quickly during the week, then often on weekends! If it isn’t ‘busy,’ I get right to reading blogs! Smiles, Robin

    • It seems like half the time I live without a home computer also, since mine spends more time in the shop than at home, but then again, I don’t complain because a friend of my son owns the shop and he only charges me for items he has to replace, and only the amount he pays for the part. I can live with that. My son can fix anything else that breaks around here. And things break often when I get my chair hooked on them. At least I can move furniture that way. And watermelon bins in the grocery if they are in my way. Makes life interesting.

  8. Hey Angie, Wanted to stop by and Thank you so much for creating, The Angel Award. I was awarded by Don Charisma.
    Thanks Again, Angie Have a Great Day 🙂

    • Welcome to my train wrecks and my life. Don’s a wonderful friend to have. I’m following you now, but will be taking breaks now and then to rest. Dealing with a few health issues, but still laughing at them. Finally have sunshine today after a lot of rain, so it’s a welcome sight. Have a good rest of the weekend.

      • Lol, yes he’s is an awesome friend to have indeed. Thank you for the follow. It was definitely appreciated. Also, It’s understanding with taking the breaks.. We need that at times to recooperate. That’s right laugh at them…because you got the victory over them. I will enjoy the weekend. I hope you do too! Many Blessings!!

      • I enjoyed the blog I read of yours. Love it. You are definitely one of my angels, so welcome to my family. And enjoy my train wrecks. I sure do — most of the time.

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