anger management Didn’t really have anything to mirror frustration, but maybe anger management is closer to the subject.  Could be indignant frustration.  Or maybe…..

Oh, anyway — this morning I was visited at home by a doctor flown in by my Medicare company to check the progress of my diagnosed “senile dementia”.  Fortunately, he couldn’t find any senility at all, so left me with a paper saying so.  Not sure who diagnosed me with that.

Then I got a summary from my Medicare provider in today’s mail that built my blood pressure back up again.  It seems my surgery in January was done in the psych ward of the hospital, and during the surgery, while under anesthesia, I self medicated myself with 7 separate drugs, 25 times each.  Since the surgery took 2 hours, I’m surprised I lived thru it while taking that many pills with one shoulder being operated on while the other was strapped to a board with IV lines running into it.  Must have been sticking them in my nose with my feet, since they had a tube down my throat.  With all that activity going on, I’m glad the surgeon had a good, steady hand.  Unfortunately, Medicare denied the charges, so I have to pay for them myself.

So, after the home visit from the doctor, I proved my lack of senility by simply answering the phone this afternoon.  I had called to make a doctor’s appointment this morning, and had to leave a message for them to call back later in the day.  I also left a message for someone at the hospital to call me back about what I think is some type of harassment, since I reported them for abuse after my delightful stay in their lovely facilities after the surgery.  So, when the doctor’s office called me, and the lady’s name was the same as the one at the hospital, I got a bit confused about which place I was talking to.  I mean, how many Sue’s are there in the world?  There are 5 living in my building.  Thinking it was the one from the hospital, I started ranting about the harassment, and she wasn’t sure what I was talking about, and in a few minutes, I wasn’t either.

After a few minutes we both got it straight, and I made my appointment, but now the doc will probably start wondering about my brain.  Well, admittedly, I wonder about it myself.  But since I reported them I have had phone calls from several places, asking when it would be convenient for them to deliver different things.  The last one that comes to mind is the CPAP machine for my sleep apnea.  I wonder when insomnia became sleep apnea?   Oh, well, since I just found out my surgery was done in the psych ward and I was really pushing the pills while it was taking place, I might have been snoring around the tube in my throat.  Or maybe it was snorting the pills with my feet that caused it.  I slept through the whole thing, so I don’t really know.

On a brighter note, I went to the grocery again today.  I even remembered the eggs this time.  It was cloudy today, but warm, so the trip was okay.  I had my magic raincoat with me, to make sure the trip would be a dry one.  I call it that, because if I lug the raincoat around with me it never rains — almost never.  If I forget it, those pretty little puffy clouds in the sunny sky turn into fierce thunderheads while I’m in the store, and rain is pouring down when I come back out.  So, better to lug it with me and stay dry than to forget it and get soaked while my power chair is shorting out on the way home, and I’m getting stranded in a flooding parking lot taking an unexpected shower.  With no soap to make it a real shower.

So today’s purchases were mainly from the frozen food aisle.  Huge sale on personal size frozen veggies, $1 for a 2 to 3 serving package.  Just the right size for me.  Maybe it will cut down on my cooking more than I need at one time.  I also bought some chocolate milk, impulse buy because I was thirsty and saw it there.  Sour cream, fat free, because I use sour cream a lot for everything.  Olives, impulse buy, but since I love them, not a bad impulse, crock pot liners because I needed them and there was someone there to grab them for me from the top shelf.

Now I’m going to read the blogs I follow, check my other email, eat something I’m not sure about yet, start knitting a sock (eventually I actually get one made before I stretch the yarn out so much there’s no stretch left}, and probably stay up all night fighting with my computer.  Eh, maybe I’ll put off the computer battle and read a book.



6 responses to “FRUSTRATION!!!!!

  1. Oh, I will. They are trying to mess with my mind because I turned them in for fraud when they tried to charge me for medications and services I didn’t receive while in their bankrupt, and already caving in hospital. Why they built it on a well known sink hole is a mystery to everyone in the area, but why they treat their patients the way they do is inexcusable. Obamacare at it’s peak performance. He wants us all dead anyway. I need to put it in writing again, with copies for my doctors, my kids, and everyone I know that I will never darken the door of that place again, not to mention update my living will.

  2. Hey there! I have a 20 year old daughter that has been chronically ill since the age of 22months. I do understand the stress of trying to get the best medical care and also know that it causes stress when things do not end up like we were told. I’ve burned some bridges since my girl was small and I would do it again. I love how you use humor to deal with things. Hang in there and stay strong! 🙂

    • Thanks MM, Some days it can be pretty bad, but you just learn to deal. I’ll be praying for your daughter. The hospital has a monopoly on the medical care in this place, so there is no really good medical care here. My doc is good, but owned by the hospital, but I have a feeling we won’t have a hospital much longer. Spring flooding has begun, and ours is less than a year old and already sinking into the sink hole it was built on, so by the time it reaches the 1 year mark it might all be gone from sight. Just hope they get the patients out before it collapses.

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