Happy Sunday Night

family-330 I think you’ve seen this photo before — my son Don and daughter-in-law Norita.  They were here earlier today visiting, well mainly Norita and I were visiting while Don looked like he was napping, except for cracking wise at a few comments once in a while.  I offered Norita the use of my rolling pin or my cast iron skillet, but he still had to drive home, so she said she would wait.

It all started with Norita telling me she was low in minerals in her bloodstream, and having to take some.  I asked her how she took them, and Don, without even stirring, said she licked them like the horses do.  She did say they looked like horse feed, and tasted like horse feed smells, but really!  I thought I raised him better than that.

We talked for a couple of hours, then Don jerked awake and said they had to go, because it was almost time for the game.  Kid has built in clock that rings when the Cats play.  He had told me on Saturday that he was happy, meaning they won on Friday, so I jokingly told him to call me tonight if he was happy again.  I really didn’t think he would, since he knows I’m not that involved with sports, but I did get a call just as my cell was on the last bar, and Don told me he was happy.  The Comeback Cats are in the Final Four.  That much I understand.  They came from somewhere off the grid and made it this far.  So maybe this will be their year again.  For the kid’s sake, I hope so.  Guess I’ll have to dig out one of my UK shirts again, except it would go around me two or three times now.  Might have to invest in a new one this year.  Depends.

Been chillin’ in my nest most of the day, with noodles and chocolate and aspirin, trying to pretend that if I didn’t think about sneezing it wouldn’t happen.  Wrong!  I should buy some stock in a tissue company, because I’m using a box a day lately.  And naturally it gets worse at night when you want to sleep.  Tried watching Boris Karloff, but it’s a rerun of a rerun etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum.  Hey, I didn’t take 3 years of Latin for nothing.

It’s been an interesting day for my health.  First were the chest pains, and I couldn’t find the little pill thingys I had next to my nest.  Cleaning lady likes bare surfaces, and I have problems trying to make her understand there are just a few things she should not touch, because I might need them in a hurry.  Oh, well, I’m still alive.  Then later got strangled on a hot dog.  Wasn’t really sure how that one would turn out.  Things get a little hairy when that happens.  Swallowing problems get pretty hairy sometimes.

Now that’s a nice way to end a blog post, right?  Don’t worry, be happy.  Just wanted to alert you that if I ever suddenly stop posting, remember me as a person with a laugh and good thoughts.  But I don’t intend to go out any time soon.  Still a lot of stories to tell and things to do.  Like a trip to the grocery tomorrow.  Have to stock up on noodles, shrimp and chocolate.  And right now, I have to check my mail and sneeze some more.  I have this love/hate relationship with spring.  Maybe I should rip up the lawn and just plant poison ivy.



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