A Shopping I Did Go

3-31-14 train wrecks 002 My chariot, when I returned home, and my method of bring home the bacon, or in this case, the veggies, fruit and beverages, with a few other items thrown in.  Normally I go thru the self check, but this time one of the lanes was open and empty, so I hightailed it in there.  Much easier than the self check registers, but those are usually the only ones that don’t have a long line waiting for them.  On the other hand, the bag on the very back has my bananas and mangoes in it, with the heavy stuff in the green bag on the outside.  It is harder for me to load and hang them in the self checkout, but at least I can put the cans on the very back that way, and the items I don’t want bruised on the top layer.  At least, since I didn’t buy bread, I didn’t have to pull out a bag of smashed stuff in a bag.

Actually, I want to K-Mart before the trip to Kroger.  I was looking for a new battery for my camera.  Nada.  I do still have a couple of photos left in the old one before it needs the charger, which I’m sure is still here, just out of reach somewhere.  If I only had a clue where to look, it might be down where I could get to it.  Probably should just leave it plugged in, but I thought I had it in a place she wouldn’t find it and feel the need to move it.

I put some sausages and beer in the crock pot to simmer for a few hours, and will put together some garlic and herb roasted root veggies to go with them in a couple of hours.  Might even drop some sauerkraut in with them just before they are done, but haven’t decided yet.  The veggies are what I’m looking forward to.  I love those little gems.  Just don’t want to get carried away and put as many together as usual.  Just a few of each.  Enough for tonight and veggie stew tomorrow.  Really, no more than that.  Honest.

3-31-14 train wrecks 001 Think it might be time to take out the garbage?  I keep staring at this pic. and that one piece of paper looks a lot like a check, so I might dig down thru there to “check” it out before taking it to the chute.  Sure would hate to throw away a check.  Oh, yeah, I’ve found a way to keep the chute door open.  I pull my foot up and set it down on the door of the thingy and that holds it open while I get the bag up and stick it in.  Might now have any feeling in the legs any more, but I can still get them up there to be useful when necessary.  That was one of today’s train wrecks.  And so much fun to clean up.  Big whee.  Almost made me want to be back in the sling and unable to use my arm.  Nah, I’d rather be using my arm even if it means having to pick up junk like this.  Don’t really know how I managed that.  I’ve squashed it with the chair, scooted it around, but this is the first time I’ve turned it over.  My special talent I guess.

3-31-14 train wrecks 003 Now this one is really special.  That is my bed, covered at the moment with my clothes waiting for me to pack the winter stuff away and replace them with the lighter weight stuff, so I can get back to my bed.  It took 4 grown men to move this bed in here, because it is HEAVY.  The head raises, the feet raise, it gives me a massage, it does everything buy make itself and bring me breakfast in bed.  But this morning I got something on it hooked on my chair, and it came away from the wall like it didn’t weigh anything at all.  I was able to move it back with the chair, just like I’ve moved some kitchen appliances and living  room furniture with the chair.  Too bad the chair can’t pack the clothes for me, and then hang the light weight ones where the heavy ones were.

Okay, I was outside again today, now I’m coughing and sneezing again.  So, until later.



7 responses to “A Shopping I Did Go

  1. I’ll reach into the garbage and pull out the check if you cut me in 1 percent, Angie. I work cheap. Just kidding. That sausage sounds awfully good, though.

    • The sausage is almost ready Mark. And the check is one of those they send from auto dealers for $1000 payable to them when you buy a new car. Figures. I sure could find several ways to use that $1000 that don’t involve new cars that I can’t drive anyway.

  2. Hello 😉 wanted to say hi. Many things are changing on my website and the top posts may or may not stick around due to this. Please feel free to venture back in time to any other post and comment … will be very happy to reply in return ;D hope to see you soon … looks lovely here

    • I usually use self checkout to make sure I have enough money with me to pay for everything I get. Have a tendency to forget my list, and do some over spending on things I already have, while forgetting what I went for. Then when I get home and see that I’ve forgotten the eggs I don’t have the $$$ to go back and get them the next day. So, I take only so much money with me, and set a limit on what I spend each time I go, and have to stop when I have spent the limit.

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