I Forget If I Remembered That Or Not

That is one of my favorite Rayisms.  Rayisms are things my brother says that are so smart alack that you have to laugh while you listen to him at the same time.  When it comes to cracking wise, Ray’s the one to listen to.  Just be very careful what you say around him or you will walk right in to a wise crack with both eyes open and only realize too late what you just did.  I think he has the highest IQ in the family, but after being around him for a few minutes you start to wonder which one of you has lost his mind completely.  I got him one time and didn’t even realize it until he admitted it was a good one and started laughing at himself.  We all laughed along, not sure what we were laughing about, until he explained my joke, which of course, turned it around on me.  And I had walked blindly into it, without knowing I was feeding him something he could come back and get me on.  Sweet innocent me, making what I thought was a serious remark, never realizing I was throwing myself blindly into the Ray Den of humor.  And he turned out to be the priest of the family.  Go figure.

I spent several hours today trying to think of a title for this blog.  Something about stupidity?  Nah, that wouldn’t work.  Blinking idiots who make their own self commercials for TV ads?  The epitome of stupidity, but again, nope.  Then, when I was getting ready for a workout for my shoulder, I was getting a muscle relaxer out of the drawer and noticed my diabetic  test kit, remembered it had been a while since I tested lately, so I pulled it out to test my blood sugar.  Still in the 90’s, so good to go.  Then tried to remember if I took the pill first or if I forgot it.  Hum, decisions, decisions.  Do I take one, not knowing if I already took one before, or do I wait, just in case I had taken it.  Finally decided to be cautious and not take it, then after doing the warm up exercises prior to the ones that start the pain, realized I hadn’t taken it, but still, not sure, so I waited til time for the next dose before taking another one.  See, I can be smart about things when I want to be.  So I skipped one of the exercise sessions and waited until time for the next one before I did them.  Bad day today, weather wise.  It ‘ert.  So instead of getting in 3 sessions today I got in less than 2.

Seems to be working though.  Shoulder is still tight, but starting to get stronger.

Cooked some savory fish for lunch today, and had enough left over for fish tacos tomorrow.  Have all the ingredients for the salsa topping, have the fish already cooked, so all I’ll have to do with that is heat it up — after I wash the non stick pan I baked it in.  It may be a non stick pan, but no one informed the pan that things are supposed to just slide out, so it’s soaking now.

I don’t blog about sports, since I don’t follow them, but people who know me know I bleed KY Wildcat blue.  Last night they played our mortal enemies, the Louisville Cardinals, led by the traitor Rick Pitino, so today I called my son and asked him if he was happy.  He was very happy, so I knew the Cats won.  Doesn’t matter now if they go any further, they beat Louisville.  Don was probably the only person in the country who picked UK in the pool, so he was extremely happy.  He works in Louisville, so he’s in enemy territory there.  So now we will both relax and not worry any more about whether UK goes any further or not.  We met the enemy and they were ours.  Anne, sorry about UVA, but Don told me it was really close and he was sorry about them also.  I think they were also one of his picks.

My camera battery died today, so no photos.  I have a battery charger, or at least I had one, and even knew where it was.  But my cleaning lady has been here a few times since the last time I needed it, and I can’t go on scavenger hunts any more, so I’ll have to see if I can find a new charger for my old, old camera, or I may have to update my camera.  Don’t really want to do either of those, but I do want to keep taking pics, so something has to happen.  Ah, well, something will turn up.

I just got a call from downstairs about a pizza delivery.  Would sound a lot better if I had ordered it and hadn’t already eaten dinner, but I didn’t and I have, so the idea kinda turns my stomach.  At least it wasn’t a call at midnight asking if the guy was here and if he could come to the phone.

Well, have some dishes to wash.  Probably taking the day off tomorrow.  Sinus headache today, sneezing, coughing, blowing nose, all the fun stuff that goes with allergies.  Whee.



5 responses to “I Forget If I Remembered That Or Not

    • Definitely spring allergies Mark. All I have to do is stick my nose out the door or close to the window. Wish I could plow it all up and plant poison ivy. 🙂

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