Two Great News’s And A Funny

Is that a word?  I seriously doubt it.  But I am setting a record today by posting 3 times in the same day.

First, I had my annual rent renewal thingy with the office, and my rent WENT DOWN!!!!   Usually it goes up a bit every year, and when I got home and started reading the contract again I called to ask if it was for real.  Something going down?  A real first in my life.  And it wasn’t even a sale at the grocery kind of going down.  It was a yearly going down thing.  I’m psyched!!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ray, on the left, brought me the usual catfish dinner today, but mom, middle (Larry is on the right) got wind that I hadn’t been paying him for them.  I thought he was getting them free.  How did I know when no one tells me these things.  So, of course, that lead to a phone call from my mother before Ray got here reaming me out for not paying for my dinner, when I didn’t know I should be.  Oh-kay!!!!  I know some of my cousins read this, so they will know what I’m coming from here.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom.  She thinks I’m the devil incarnate, but I love her.  I’ve seen some of my cousins cross the street to avoid an accidental meeting with her when she gets on the soap box, but we all love her.  It’s just the way she’s wired, and with my luck being the way it is, this will be the one she will read.

You see, I have a look alike living here in my own home town.  Years ago, when mom was working at a department store and I was working in the office of a local factory, I stopped in to see her on my way home from work.  She was extremely angry at me, and I wasn’t sure what I could possibly have done wrong since I had been at work all day, even brown bagging it and having lunch in the cafeteria with her brother, who worked in the factory.  But her first words were “Why didn’t you say hello when you came through here this morning?”  She never did believe me when I told her I had been at work all day.  And whoever the other person is, she must have led a crazy life.  I admit, I did eventually get into some good ones, but nothing like what I was accused of.  Oh, I’m just getting way off subject here.  The point is, you just don’t want to get on her bad side, so when I gave Ray the money for my catfish dinner today he told me “Nah, forget it”.  So I just told him to tell his mom to forget it, and he laughed and said yeah, it probably was cheaper to hand over some money than get the phone calls.  Guess the point is, we love each other, but if we ever tried to live in the same house again, one of us would be dead within a week.

Second great news.  And not so controversial.  Remember this little guy? 002 My little pal Sampson?  His person couldn’t take care of him any more so took him to the animal shelter.  They put his photo and name on the ‘net, and the next morning the National Association of Therapy Animals were waiting on the doorstep of the shelter to take him in and train him as a certified therapy dog.  Go Sampson!  He did me so much good, and I wanted to take him so much, but since the MS is worse and I was afraid I would run over him with the power chair, I just couldn’t take care of him, so now the little guy will be trained to really help someone who needs him.  He’s an intelligent little cuddlebug, and Marge told me it was my blog that got them interested in him.  I can’t believe I could have played a part in that, but that is exactly what she wanted for his future.  If this blog helped in any way, I feel like I have done one good thing in my life.

Now the funny.  Mom and I were talking, yeah, we pull in the claws at times, about watermelons a few days ago.  She had asked me what I had for breakfast, and I told her I had sourdough waffles and watermelon syrup I had made last summer.  So, she was telling me about how they raised acres of watermelons when she was growing up, and in the mornings they would go out and get the melons off the vines, and the boys would smash them open with a rock so they could eat just the heart of the melon out.  She ate so many while growing up that she doesn’t care for them to this day, while I could eat my weight in them.  I can remember she and dad would get watermelons for us when we were growing up, but she didn’t really eat much, if any at all of them, and I always wondered if that was because she was letting the kids have it, but now I know.  Can you imagine the riches?  Having enough watermelons that you can pull one off the vine, smash it open and eat just the heart out, and leave the rest for the animals?  It sounds like a piece of heaven to me, but then, that’s all a part of good old country living.



9 responses to “Two Great News’s And A Funny

  1. That’s pretty cool, having your rent go down. But then again, your weekly catfish dinner went up, Angie. Way to go on your blog landing a new job (and home) for cute guy Sampson, too. I hope one day you run into your lookalike down there. That would be fun.

    • That would be weird Mark. One of my patients at Hospice knew her, and a BFF’s hubby saw her at K-Mart and wondered why I looked right thru him. I just wonder if I would actually recognize her myself though. I’m still pinching myself on the rent thing, but it went down enough to pay for the catfish. I’m thinking I’ll be making my own catfish dinners from now on though. I have a scary mom. And Sampson will be a great Therapy dog for some lucky person. I just wish I could have taken care of him.

  2. Rent going down, that is amazing! How lucky for you!
    Sampson sure is a cutie. I love animals. And what a great feeling to know that you’re blog made a positive difference in his life!

    • That was amazing Jess. I couldn’t believe it. Never heard of rent going down before. And if they hadn’t said they saw Sampson on my blog I would never have believed that either. That made two people and one little puppy very happy.

    • Wasn’t it? Mother said some of the melons were 3 feet long. And to be able to just eat the heart, oh goodness. And even the part they left behind wasn’t wasted, because it went back into the soil, or one of the brothers fed it to the hogs. I thought having 4 brothers was too many, but my mom had 10 of them. A luxury of uncles also.

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