Friday Morning Gray

3-28-14 004 Woke up this morning.  I really did.  And this is the view from my window. 3-28-14 003 And this.  With raindrops all over the place.  But ya know what?  I’m not hurting.  That’s kinda neat.  Guess I slept through the part where the rain started and most of the aching was last night, so today the ole joints are not hurting at all.  Win win situation for me.

Of course it means that the trip to the grocery I should have made yesterday when I was vegging out all day won’t happen today either, but today I can hopefully figure out how to open, or rather hold open the door to the garbage chute and put the bag of trash down it.  That little door is heavy on my best days, so now, not having my shoulder muscles built up enough yet, I’m not sure I could swing my foot up high enough to keep it open long enough to heft the bag in before the door snaps shut.  Thinking about taking one of my cross body bags and looping in thru the handle so I can use my foot to hold it open.  I’ll have to try that one just to see if the legs that won’t hold me up will hold the chute door open long enough to keep it from snapping my arm off.  Not that would be a train wreck of a whole different dimension.  And some poor person collecting the garbage the next morning would get a very gory surprise.

ICK!  Think I’ll change the subject.  That grosses even me out, and it takes a lot to gross me out.  With two sons and seven grandsons I’ve heard it all, but that?  I’ll just think of it as a bad bruise.

I had a surprise when I drove into the living room/kitchen this morning.  3-28-14 002 Not sure how, where or when they got hooked on my wheels, but there they were, just sitting there looking at me, all innocent like they were supposed to be in that particular spot.  Personally, I think they moved there by themselves and are trying to blame me for it, because usually anything that gets hooked on my chair is overturned in the process, 3-28-14 001 and this fuzzy foto shows them standing at attention right there in the middle like that’s where they belong.  I really should give them up, and just stick to the orange crush and ginger ale, but that kick of caffeine in the morning is necessary to prevent the morning headache and get my mojo working.  Tried drinking coffee once but didn’t like it.  Have some cappuccino, but it’s waaaay  up high where I can’t reach it.  Hot chocolate mix is next to it, so they are out.  So I drink my Dr. every morning for the caffeine rush, and then I can make it an hour or two before I feel the first nap coming on.  Hey, give me a break.  I’m retired.  My apartment is tiny.  I’m still trying to work out the garbage situation, so that usually puts me to sleep.  Thinking does that to me.  Numbers give me a headache.  So I try not to do either of those too much.

And since today is a rainy day, it’s good for one thing.  Reading a book and eating apples.  And that, my friends, sounds like a real plan to me.  See how easy that was after all?  I’m a genius and didn’t know it until now.



9 responses to “Friday Morning Gray

    • Mark, when you’re retired every day is the same. But the book changes and the type of apple is different. I’ll just be curled up in my nest enjoying the day, even though the sky is getting brighter now.

    • I was really surprised, because I really didn’t know I had dragged it there. Of course, since I don’t lock my door someone could have come in and stuck it there. I dunno.

      • I have moments when I think I have a ghost who likes to play pranks on me but I’m sure it’s just a combination of my forgetfulness/clumsiness LOL

    • I’m sure there is one around me all the times. That’s why so many things get hooked on my power chair. I know I’m not the greatest driver, but really, I couldn’t be that bad and still be alive and not smashed from driving out in front of a car.

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