Allergies Anyone?

allergies This is the way I’m spending my weekend.  Along with the accompanying headache.  All day yesterday, and most of today I’ve been curled up in my nest, wishing I could sneeze just because sneezing is fun –and it clears the sinuses for a few minutes, and dealing with the headache by just moaning and saying bad things about the Ohio River Valley, which traps all the allergens in the world and holds them here.  Plus knowing it’s my own fault for sticking my nose out the door on Friday when Ray brought the catfish.  I’ve existed here all my life.  I know what happens when I go outside for a few seconds.  The only thing I’m not allergic to in nature is poison ivy.  I keep wondering what that says about me.  Most people walk past the stuff and break out in a rash.  I can pick a bouquet of it and nothing happens, except my visitors take one look and leave suddenly.  Plus it’s impossible to find in a flower shop.  I would have to go out and pick my own bouquet, since none of the people I know would give me a bouquet of it.

Chicken Stew 001 Uh, this looks a bit strange seeing it in this view.  It’s actually the beginning of the chicken dinner I’m going to have tomorrow.  The chicken is in the fridge thawing, but I decided to put the veggies in a white zinfandel/butter sauce in the crock pot today to start cooking.  They will be added to the roast chicken when it is done.  What you are seeing here are mushrooms, purple potato slices, broccoli, and a red onion ring sticking up.  Also have lemongrass, ginger and green pepper in there.  It’s an experiment that I’ve never tried before, so I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Probably should have left the broccoli out, because it doesn’t take that long to cook, but at this point it’s too hot to pull it out, so I’ll have some broccoli mush in the pot.  It all started out as just mushrooms and onions.  Not sure how all the rest got in there, but I love to experiment with food.  Most of the time it works out.  Sometimes I pick out the good parts and throw away the ones that don’t taste that great.  I’m betting the only part I won’t like will be the overcooked broccoli though.

Big one at Grandpa's farm 2011-1 Andrew's fish These are my two youngest grandsons, Noah on the left and Andrew on the right.  They are great friends when they are together, since they are the only two cousins in that age group on this side of the family.  They share a love of fishing, but as you can see, Noah has a better fishing spot that Andrew.  Noah lives close to me, Mike’s son, and fishes at Fish and Game lake, while Andrew lives in Frankfort, KY, is my daughter, Gina’s son, and only gets to fish on special occasions in whatever place they can find with water in it.  I keep trying to get Noah to bring me some fresh fish, cleaned and filleted, of course, but he just laughs at me, and keeps throwing them back, unless they eat them at their camp site.  Andrew’s fish, uuuhhh, probably could be used for bait somewhere.  He’s a funny kid though.100_2443  See?  They stopped by last year after I broke my shoulder and before I was able to start putting things from my summer canning away.  Andrew wanted one of the finger knitted ruffle scarves I had hanging in the closet, so I told him to choose one, which he immediately wrapped around his head like a turban.  I asked Noah if he wanted one too, and he picked out the pink one, that I’m pretty sure is now in his mom’s closet.  She looks great in pink.  Gina told me Andrew still wears his as a turban on occasion though.  Andrew has a lot of his Uncle Mike in him.  Noah is shy,  like I was, and looks so much like his dad, it’s like looking at an old photo of Mike.  Except Mike was never shy.



10 responses to “Allergies Anyone?

    • Suz, that is the absolute truth. There are times though when I wish I had had the grandchildren first :). They can be sent home when they get out of hand.

      • Most definitely. And the grandchildren know that they can’t push the boundaries with me like they can with their parents. lol

      • So true. But only to a point. Fortunately they can read me like a book so they know when to back off. I think they can see the steam start coming out my ears :).

    • I have 5 handsome grandsons and 2 beautiful granddaughters, Mark. And thanks for the gesundheit (spell check, too). Not to mention a step grandson and step granddaughter with 2 sons of her own. Lord, I’m feeling old now. Not really. Just saw where the CATS beat Wichita.

    • Weird, isn’t it? I can’t get near a rose, but can wallow in poison ivy. The butter/white zin sauce is delicious. I wondered how it would taste, since the wine was about 20 years old, but delicious is putting it mildly. Didn’t write down how much of what, naturally, but will definitely try it again in the future. Probably with different seasonings, but definitely with the butter and white zin. And the lemon grass added just the right amount of citrusy flavor too. Another accidental success story ending right.

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