More Train Wrecks

The day started out so nice.  Cool enough I could cuddle in my nest and just not really wake up for hours.  Even with the phone ringing, I could answer it, then fall back into my stupor and sleep a bit more.

Then SHE came in.  She needs someone to keep Sampson overnight next Tuesday.  Okay, she has a good reason, she has to be in the hospital early Tuesday morning, so she’ll bring him in and just put him in the nest beside me, with his cage on the floor.  I’m betting she doesn’t pick him up for a couple of days.  I have a feeling she got herself into something she wasn’t prepared for when she adopted Sampson.  She just doesn’t act like a dog person to me.  At least he’s paper trained.  Unless he left me a giftie I haven’t found yet during yesterday’s visit.

Okay, I could have said no.  But then again, I couldn’t.  I’ll just have to make a dog friendly meal in my crock pot Monday night.

Things were going okay for a few hours, until I came to my computer.  The computer’s behaving, but my chair and the desk are challenging each other for domination of space here.003 The desk is losing. 004 002 And so is everything around it.  So right now I’m sitting here with the keyboard in my lap, the mouse wherever I can find a spot for it, and my chair acting nonchalant.  Like it’s not going to be replaced and turned into junk itself in a few weeks.

We did get a little more information about the renovation of the building today.  Half of the people on one side of the building will be moved out while that side is renovated, then the people from the other side will be moved into the newly renovated side while that side is renovated.  Then the people from the side that were moved out will be moved back in.  I don’t like that plan.  If my side is renovated first then I should be moved back in to my same address, while the other side is done and they should move out instead of moving into my apartment while I’m out for a year or more.  Or if the other end is done first, then I should get to move back to my original apartment when it’s finished.  Hmmm, that made more sense when I was the one who would be out for the year.  Okay, there’s an empty apartment on this floor.  I’ll take it for the short run.  That should make them happy.  Just trying to keep from having to fill out the change of address forms.  They are a real pain.

Hurtin’ fer certain right now, so gonna go.



9 responses to “More Train Wrecks

      • You’ve got to get a smaller chair or more space to maneuver it, Angie. You are getting a new chair … can you set up your space with more space to get around, with the help of your sons … I hate when I hear about your crashing and pulling things over in your own apartment.

      • I’ll be getting a Hover-round, smaller and easier to maneuver in my small space. Also, when the renovation is going on I’ll get rid of this huge armoir desk and the huge entertainment center in the living room for smaller desk and table. Never should have moved them in here in the first place, but I was on my feet then.

    • Thanks Irene. I have some ultimatums for the moving out part, that I think they will have to honor, and I’ll be getting a Hover-round chair that is smaller and easier to maneuver in small spaces, plus when they start the renovations it give me a chance to get rid of the large armoir style computer desk and replace it with a smaller one that is easier to handle.

    • Thanks Anne. I’m pretty sure I can work some things out okay in a way they will have to honor. And the move during renovation will give me a chance to get this huge armoir desk out of here and replaced with a small one, plus get the entertainment center out of the living room and replace that with a TV stand that will take up much less room.

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