Easy Kind of Day

I’m not sure what time I woke up today.  Actually I’m not sure if I’m awake right now.   This could be my inner spirit writing this while my body is still curled up in my nest dozing.  It’s just been that kind of day.

Come to think of it, I did wake up for a while.  Picture 064 Little brother Ray (wearing cousin Doug’s favorite shirt) called to ask if I wanted another catfish dinner.  Silly question.  Who is their right mind would turn down a catfish dinner?  I have other photos of Ray, but haven’t moved them to the blog site yet, so this is the one I’ll be using for now.  Anyhoo, he said he would call when he got close so I could let him in the door.  So, when he called I hit the button for the elevator and the door popped open immediately, which almost gave me a heart attack.  That just never happens in this place.  Then I almost ran down the neighbor who was getting off, because she is as skinny as a tobacco stick and I didn’t see her in all my excitement at the elevator being right there.  Stopped in time, so she was safe and laughing at my excitement.

Got downstairs and took a box out to the dumpster, then decided to sit out in the sun for a few minutes, but the wind tunnel effect we have here drove me back inside the outer hall.  Realized then I had two jackets hanging on the back of my chair.  Well, duh!  But instead of wrestling one off and putting it on, I just sat inside until Ray drove up, met him at his car so he could get on over to mom’s house with their dinner before it got cold, and then trucked back inside with mine, drooling all over myself on the way home.  Several impertinent men sitting in the lobby noticed the take out box and asked me what I had.  Just grinned at them and said “lunch”, and trucked on to the elevator.

Had to wait a few minutes for it to come down, then turned on an extra large stepping stone, rather than a dime, almost making one of my dreams come true by knocking the head of maintenance down (dream on there), but decided there were too many witnesses, so I backed up without making a door in the back of the elevator, and let him on.  They are all being so nice to me these days, since I spilled a few beans about a job I retired from but still do volunteer work for.

bad habits I just opened my second soda for the day, or maybe my third.  After years of drinking my weight in water each day I woke up one morning and took a sip and it made me ill, so I went down to the machine and got a soda, and got hooked.  Briefly thought of giving them up for Lent.  Very briefly.  So I decided to give up buying yarn.  Now you may think that’s a cop-out, but you have no idea how much yarn I have accumulated.  I have 3 afghans in progress, and have been trying to knit a sock.  I can work on the afghans, because they are crochet, but trying to learn to knit socks when you have a healing shoulder isn’t very practical.  Yeah, I admit it.  But I will eventually learn to knit a sock, and when I do, I’ll make another one just like it so I’ll have a pair of socks.  Now THAT makes sense even to me.  Trouble is, I’ve pulled the stitches out of this one so many times there’s no give left in the yarn.  That’s okay, because I started with cheap yarn.  But the point I was going to make is that I keep getting emails from places I’ve ordered yarn from with sales that are going on.  I start my order, get to checkout, and then just before I hit the button to finalize the order I remember I can’t do it.  I’ve given it up for Lent.  So, I can always drink water with my flavored ice cubes, no problem.  But stopping myself from buying the yarn — that’s killing me.  I keep forgetting I already have enough to make afghans, scarves, and socks for the next 10 years, at the rate I’m going now.  There, I’ve confessed.  I’m addicted to yarn.



8 responses to “Easy Kind of Day

  1. Nice to have the dinner served that way, I hope you did enjoy.
    I understand you with the yarn. I have a lot too, and I have some problems with my hands and when the humidity goes up, it becomes worse. But I love to create and needed to stop buying more yarn too.

    • Oh yes. He’s brought me dinner two weeks in a row now. It would be nice if he continued, but I have a feeling if he finds out I can cook for myself now he might stop. I should wear the sling when he brings it. And the yarn problem is getting out of hand. I need a yarn anon. group, but don’t think they have those. Plus, I order online mostly and it’s impossible to match colors online, so that means trips to the store to match the colors with a contrast. No way to win that one.

    • You sound just like me. Only I don’t need the insulation, just to stop buying more yarn for a while, even though my hand is getting red from slapping it so many times. Plus, I’ve discovered you can’t really match it correctly online, so that requires trips to the yarn store to buy more for the contrasting colors. I’m a disorganized hoarder. I need to find a yarn anonymous group.

      • I feel you on the on-line thing. That’s primarily why I have so much, I but it in bulk on line because it’s cheap, and then I don’t use it, buy it at the store… Repeat…

      • Yep. It’s always cheaper online, and in bulk, but when you have to go to the store to match it for a contrasting color, they have you in their claws. I think it’s a conspiracy for addicts like me..

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