A Day With Sampson

001 This is one of my little friends here in the building.  Sampson is a mini-Doberman, that I last saw at age 2 months.  He’s grown a bit since then, and so have his toenails and teeth, but he loves to play.  Sampson’s mom had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so she asked if I could puppy sit for a couple of hours.  That couple of hours turned into 8 hours, but who’s counting?  Other than me, that is.

She brought him in with the statement that he hadn’t been fed yet, but since she feeds him what she eats I shouldn’t have a problem there.  Mmm, o-KAY.   My breakfast was over, so I had to look around to find something to feed the dog.  I finally decided on a can of my disaster food — deviled chicken.  Now this is a dog with discriminating tastes.  The chicken had to be spread on bread with the right condiments added.  And I had to take the first bite to prove it wasn’t dog food in disguise.  After that he was content with my cutting bites off and feeding them to him with a fork.  Yep, a fork.  Personally, I think the purpose of eating a sandwich is to do away with the knife and fork and pick it up with my hands, but as I said, Sampson is a dog with discriminating tastes when it comes to his food.

Then I got three phone calls from the therapy people.  The O.T was coming a day early for the exercises on my shoulder.  She gave me some new ones, but right now I couldn’t tell you what they are if my life depended on it.

Then the home health aide called to tell me she would be here at 4:00.  Thinking Sampson would be long gone by then, I told her sure, come on.  We decided to cancel her visit until tomorrow.  But she stay to play with Sampson for a few minutes while getting her schedule changed.

The nurse/supervisor called to ask if he could come by and check my toe that had been lanced several weeks ago.  The doctor had told me to leave it uncovered now so air could get to it and put triple antibiotic stuff on it.  Sampson had made it his challenge all day to cure it doggie style, by licking it.  So my challenge was keeping it out of his way.  Ever try keeping a bare foot away from a dog?  They just can’t resist them.

So, I kept trying to come up with dog toys in a place that no longer has a dog of it’s own.  006  A little stuffed Christmas bear someone gave me several years ago with a place to push that will make it play music.  Thankfully the batteries are dead.  I think my little Max had taken worn them out and I was so tired of the song I never replaced them.  009 And an orphan sock with a knot tied in the middle that he seemed to like best of all.  That one kept him the happiest and busiest, because I would throw it and he would run after it and bring it back for more.  We also played tug the sock, but he won that one every time, by hooking those teeth in the sock and pulling back with all his strength, while any strength I ever had disappeared years ago.

Mommie finally showed up for him about an hour ago, and told me to call any time I want him for a while.  I’ll be calling her, because even though he has enough energy to run a power station for a year, it’s great to have a puppy around the place again.  And all the therapy people were impressed at how much better I looked, even though the morning was cold and overcast and I wasn’t able to get my  arm above my head the way I can when the sun is out and it’s warm outside — like this afternoon.  But I’m getting there.

I cooked a full meal on Monday.  In the crock pot, of course, but that’s usually the way I cook everything anyway, using a liner in the pot so wash-up is easy.  All it required was chopping a few veggies and dumping everything in the pot with a can of beer.  I figured if everything else was horrible I could just drink the beer part, but it was all pretty good.




4 responses to “A Day With Sampson

    • I may have stepped into it with this one Anne. I love dogs, but can’t have one any more, so I sit with my little 4 legged friends, usually just for a couple of hours. Most are older than Sampson and are content to lie in my lap and sleep. He wants to play.

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