A Day For Wrecking Trains

I decided to pick a few things up at the grocery this morning, or maybe this afternoon.  It was after therapy, I do remember that, because my new moves include lifting a 2 pound weight with my left hand, trying to get it over my head.  And that was before the sun decided to come out and warm things up, so I’m pretty sure you can imagine how far I could get my arm to move.  At least I didn’t drop the weight on my foot.  It missed by an inch.

But, back to the grocery, just a few things, like some French onion sour cream dip.  Yeah, I know, I could have made it myself, but at that point I wasn’t all that sure I could even pick it up, so I decided to get that, as well as some plain sour cream.  Also got apples and onions to try something out.  Won’t talk about it yet, because it could become a disaster that I won’t want to remember.  My main reason for going though, and I remembered it, was to get trash bags.  I couldn’t believe I had run out of them.  Now I just have to figure out a way to open the garbage chute.  That requires opening it and holding it open with one hand (and it weighs more than 2 pounds) while lifting the bag of garbage from the floor, up to the level of the opening, and dropping it in.  A little bit too high for the left hand to lift right now.  That will take some figuring, and figuring gives me a headache right now.  So far the only solution I can think of is using one of my over the shoulder purses, but I like them all, so I don’t know which one to sacrifice to the cause.

I kinda got the chair caught on a display in the grocery.  It wobbled and wobbled, but it didn’t fall down.  I’m very thankful for that, because if it had several large cans of something would have come crashing down on me from head to toe.  I’m fairly sure that would have hurt.  I think I need  a jelly bean.  A black jelly bean.  One that will turn my tongue black so I can stick it out at somebody.

It was when I got home that the real train wreck happened.  I was putting the groceries away and the chair got hooked on the belt that helps me open the oven door.  This time I was towing the stove behind me when I started out of the kitchen area.  Tried pushing it back in place with my feet, but that wasn’t happening, so — I took the offending chair and shoved it back with that.  It worked a little bit too well, but it worked.  If smoke starts pouring out of it the next time I use it I may be the first to be moved out long before they begin the renovation work.

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8 responses to “A Day For Wrecking Trains

  1. I do hope you get your black jelly bean. I have an amusing image of you sticking out a black tongue at someone at the grocery store. LOL

    • Jess, if I can also black out my front teeth that would be even better. I did get some black ones, so I really should pick out all of the black ones just for the next trip to the grocery.

  2. Oh and I will get to the awards one of these days! Thank you so much for my many nominations, it means a lot! I have been so busy with my st. patrick’s day posts and i have a back-log of recipes I’ve been trying to get typed up. That along with work and other dramas, I just haven’t had time. I haven’t forgotten though! Thank you thank you! Brought a BIG smile to my face!

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