The Versatile Blogger Award

blogger-2I received another award today, from NAPTIMETHOUGHTS.  It’s very exciting to me, and I love reading her blogs.  As you can probably tell from the name of her blog, she writes about raising her kids.  And I’m sure most of us can relate the that subject.  I know I sure can.  She is much more mature about it than I was.  She said it “implies” she is able to do so many different things so gosh darn well.  From reading her blog, I think it more than implies.  She really does things well.  And then blogs about it in a way that makes you laugh until it hurts.  So thank you so much for thinking of me for this award.

The rules — always the rules, for accepting the award are these.

1Thank the person who nominated you for the award, and be sure to include a link back to their site in your acceptance blog.   Done.

2 Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3 Pass on the award to 12 other versatile bloggers.

Well, here goes:

1.  Since I was born 2 weeks after my due date, I was a few hours late for my first Christmas.  I’ve been trying to catch up ever since by being early for everything, but just can’t make up for those few hours.

2.  My older by 14 months brother, Tony, taught me to read and write when he started first grade, a year before me.  So when I started first grade, I studied 2nd grade with him.

3.  My 6th grade teacher told us one day she had taught herself to sew by cutting out a pattern and making it herself.  Mom made all my clothes, so I decided to “help” her by making my next dress.  Nobody told me anything about those little tuck lines in the front that made the bodice fit right.  Uhhh, not a pretty scene when she got home from the grocery, but when I told her Sister told us how she learned to sew that way, Sister got most of the lecture.

4.  I wanted to play the violin in the worst way, and succeeded.  After screeching my way thru several practices in the house I was banished to the barn to practice.  When the cow stopped giving milk I had to go to the back of the field.

5.  I did learn to play the guitar, and my sister and I had an “act” together.  I had to sing lead while she did the high harmony.  The only time I ever hit a high note was one notable Christmas when we were going to do the music at church and everyone in the family came down with the flu, except me.  My first time singing solo, and I hit notes that had the congregation in awe, because they all knew I couldn’t hit those notes.  Funny what fear will do to you.  Next day I had laryngitis.

6.  I did overcome my fear, and did solo’s in church for years after that as director of music, and at one point even turned down a contract with Arista recording studio to stay home and raise my kids.

7.  I had a dog once that had a mind-boggling parentage.  He was a Shep-gle, named Loki, which means the god of mischief.  The mom was a German Shepherd, pop was a stray beagle someone dropped off on our country road that my kids made the mistake of feeding.  Out of 13 pups, Loki was the only one we wouldn’t give away, because he had German Shepherd coloring, head and tail, and one ear. and the barrel body, one floppy ear and short legs of the beagle.

Okay, here are my nominees:











Have fun, guys, and enjoy the ride.



9 responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award

    • You’re welcome Meg. I love your blog and your sense of humor. The notifications will be going out today, because my arm got numb last night and I couldn’t finish it all.

  1. Thanks so much Angie, girl, for thinking of me. I was working on an award today to post tomorrow and then there is one more coming ;up before yours, but I will do it soon.

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