Severe Weather Advisory

That’s still what they say.  Was still able to do my therapy exercises though.  The secret is to take a pain pill an hour before you start.  Did and done.  And even showed my skills off to my older son, Don, family-330 when he and Norita came to visit today.  Mike was going to come and work on getting the back fixed on my chair, but since Don was here, he snapped the piece back on, had me sit in the chair until it was adjusted to the right position, and I’m comfortable enough now to make it a few more weeks.  It’s so nice to have boys who grew up working on farm up working on farm equipment.  Since it is starting to sleet outside he and Norita went to the grocery for me for a few items I won’t be able to get until the weather clears up again, and the ice melts.  This time I asked for 6 bananas, he brought me 4, but at least it wasn’t 4 dozen or 4 pounds.  I’m thinking Norita did the shopping for most of the stuff, since she has the common sense men lack in the shopping department.

I think this photo of them was taken on a trip to Alaska a few years ago.  And I know one of their traveling companions took the photo on a camera I loaned Don. Norita  had her own camera, and usually did all the photography, but for some reason, Don decided he wanted to take some scenery photos, thinking she would be taking photos of shops and souvenir stands.  What I received on my camera were several hundred photos, mainly out of focus, of ice bergs, the backwash of whales when they blew, and a few snow covered mountains.  The photography gene seems to have passed him by.

I really wanted to put up a photo of him watching a UK basketball game one morning when I had spent the night with them.  It was not a sold out game, which meant that in-state it was not shown on TV until after midnight, so Don set the thingy to record it after midnight when it would be showing.  Then got up early to watch.  So when I got up I saw him watching the game.  Leaning back in his recliner.  Covered by an afghan.  Snoring.  Must have been an interesting game.

100_2369 I was looking thru some old photos today and came across this photo of a mutant pepper from last summer’s vegetable deliveries.  Feeling a little blue, since I realized today that my shoulder won’t be strong enough to deal with them this year, so I’ll have to cancel my contract, and hopefully be able to pick it up later in the summer.  My heart is sobbing, knowing I won’t have these choice morsels to put up for winter, but there are rumors that management plans to move us all out to other buildings in the area while they “renovate” this building.  A 40 year old building that only needs a head of maintenance who knows how to do actual maintenance, but was hired for his pretty face instead.  Doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.  Anybody ever heard of emptying 200 apartments while renovating a building?  All the place needs is a freight elevator.  And new management and maintenance man who isn’t afraid to get dirty on the job.  Meeting with building management at some time before June, but not telling us ahead of time.  I’m seeing this as a conspiracy plot.  Might be time for Donna Quixote to ride again and fight the windmills of bureaucracy.  Heigh ho Silver, or Red or Blue, depending on what color of power chair I get, we ride again.  Hummm, time to chase ’em down the hall and see how many………



mmm, time to chase ’em down the hall and see how many………


4 responses to “Severe Weather Advisory

    • The older son fixed it this time Mark, since he came unexpectedly for a visit. He knows how to fix things too, but usually works on his 4-wheelers.
      Not only would it be a major hassle, but I don’t think there are enough affordable places I would want to spend the next year or two. Plus, why do they have to move everyone out at once? Why not one floor at a time like sane people do? May have to talk to some friends in D.C who would be interested in this plan.

  1. I’ll fight them on that if they try to get me out.Mark. I don’t mind moving to another apartment for a week or two, but my apartment does not need renovation, and neither do any of the ones from the 11th floor down, because they were all renovated about 6 years ago. And there definitely are no affordable places with the convenience of a grocery store one block away.

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