It’s Winter AGAIN?????

Just when I was getting used to the sunshine and blue skies 100_2406 I now have an orange blinking light on the computer telling me we are under a severe weather advisory.  Okay, so that doesn’t necessarily mean ice, it could just mean thunder boomers.  But, baby, it’s cold outside tonight.  Of course, the a/c is still on in the building, but that only means the temp is still above 46 degrees, when it will then kick over to heat.  It makes sense to me, even though a lot of you may wonder.  There are about 200 people in this building.  Some are cold natured and want the temp turned up to 200 degrees.  Some are hot natured and want it to be at 50 below zero.  And since heat rises, the people on the lower floors are the ones who turn on the heat, while we on the upper floors have to sweat through it all winter.  Then when we have our a/c set low in the summer, the lower floor people get the coolest air.  The women outnumber the men, who have no real opinion about the temperature.  So you get 150 old biddies downstairs mobbing the office, each demanding the heat/a/c be set to their comfort level.  Make that 149.  The only time it makes a difference to me is when I get out of a hot shower into the cold bathroom to get dressed, but on the plus side there, I’m motivated to get moving with getting dressed.  When I’m hot I put on lighter clothes and turn on a fan.  When I’m cold I put on heavier clothes and add more blankets to the nest.  How simple can it be????

100_2553 As I mentioned last night, another part fell off my chair.  And as you can see, it is pretty stripped down already.  This picture is my baby boy Mike, my own Mr. Fix-it, doing some repair work on it once before.  Tomorrow he is going to come and put another band-aid on it so I can get to the doctor for the mobility follow-up on Monday without having to sit on the edge of the seat.  Right now I’m trying very hard to figure out what that apparatus on his face is.  I know the thing on the top of his head is one of his collection of hats.  These hats seem to be a badge of some kind around here, but I’m not sure what.  At one time it separated the farm kids from the town kids, but now some of the town kids are wearing them.  Backwards.

Mike is a trend setter.  Remember the days everybody was wearing jeans with ragged tears in them?  I think Mike started that.  I always had to wash the life out of the boys jeans before they would wear them, because they didn’t like stiff jeans.  So Mike had a pair of jeans I got him in the 8th grade that were the perfect softness for him.  By 12th grade they were showing signs of wear, so I tried to recycle them.  He came in just before I made the first cut to turn the savable parts into quilt pieces, and hid them in his room.  I found them again a year or so later and that time tried to burn them.  He pulled them out of the incinerator and the small burn spot became another character spot for him.

His first wife also tried to get rid of them, but again he managed to hang on to them, because even though the seat was wearing thin, they were so soft and comfortable he just couldn’t give them up.  When the magic day came that the bottom got a bit too windy for him, he finally allowed the few threads that were left to be thrown away.  But I think the “style” of people actually paying for jeans that came with ready made slashes and holes in them started soon after his jeans were seen about town by everyone he knew, plus a lot of people he didn’t know.  And, of course, one embarrassed mom who kept wanting to wrap a blanket or towel around his waist.



2 responses to “It’s Winter AGAIN?????

    • I pick my fights Mark, and that one is so insignificant. Even an idiot should know to dress for the weather, instead of the weather (or the temperature in the building), especially since we pay nothing for utilities. So many places they can get coats and blankets if they want or need them, but they spend their money on cigarettes. I have no sympathy for them.

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