A Blah Kind Of Day

Ya know those days when nothing happens to make it good or bad?  That was today.  Until a little while ago.  Yep, had a doozy of a train wreck.

Power chairs have all kinds of do-hickeys on them to make them more comfortable to sit in.  And when you know you’ll be in one the rest of your life, that’s an important thing.  So it was not a good thing when I hit a bump on the sidewalk last fall and all the fenders fell off.  And it was really kinda funny when part of the front got stuck underneath the beast, and when I tried to go forward it just went around in circles.  But tonight it really offended me, when I was backing up.  Now I know I’m not the best driver in the backing up department, having taken out an entire fence row with my car once when I was still driving, but that didn’t  really bother me, just meant I had to stay home and be ready to jam the car into any dumb animal that tried to leave the field.

Tonight, however, I was backing up just to reposition the chair at the computer.  And I accidentally sorta nicked the edge of the computer desk, sending it spinning, knocking over a pile of clean laundry, a bag of yarn, and the part that really injures my feelings, a really important part of the chair came off.  A little lever that will let you recline the chair, or position the back to a comfortable position.  So it seems now, that after all the years my parents and teachers spent trying to improve my posture, this blinking chair is going to do what they could never do.  For the first time in my life, my back is not touching the back of the chair, except for my shoulder blades.  I’m too old to start working on my posture now.  Sob, sob, sob.  And I’ll have to fight my way out of the room.

Picture 064 Baby brother Ray dropped off a tray of deep fried catfish with the trimmings for my lunch today.  He called to say he would be bringing it around 1 p.m., but when he called to let me know he was on his way I looked at my clock and it was an hour earlier.  Totally forgot I didn’t spring forward, because the clock it too high for me to reach and I keep forgetting to ask people to set it forward for me.  Really, why bother?  In six months it will only have to be set back again.  Okay, so I’ll end up an hour late for doctor appointments.  Most of them have you sitting in the waiting room that long anyway.

I do want to be on time Monday though, because that’s the day I’ll be getting the paper work done for my new power chair.  It has now gone from necessary to extremely necessary.  Desperately necessary.  I think I’d better pick my way outta here and head back to the nest.



11 responses to “A Blah Kind Of Day

    • Oh, Anne, it DEEP fried catfish. There’s such a difference there. And Ray brought me enough for two meals, so I finished it off today, after heating the leftovers up in the oven. Not as much grease that way.

  1. Ray is wearing my fave shirt! Let’s all pray for the Wildcats right now…they are down to the gators in the SEC championship.

  2. Ray is wearing my fave shirt! Pray for the Wildcats because right now they are down to the dreaded gators in the SEC championship game…

  3. My dad is in a wheelchair and has been for years, but refuses to even consider getting a powered one. He says there are far to many doodads and doohickies to get the hang of, but I’m figuring one of these years, folks will create a voice controlled one. We’ll see.

    I wish you luck with the new chair, and so look forward to reading more of your adventures, complete with action packed foibles to boot!

    Stay safe. 🙂

    • I don’t have a choice, with my left shoulder healing from joint replacement surgery right now, and my right one still weak from rotator cuff surgery 10 years ago. There are a lot of doo-dads, but only a couple you have to worry about, until it gets ancient and they all start falling off.

      Thanks for the message. I love your blog also and am looking forward to more also. Life can be fun, no matter what it hands you.

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