One of THOSE Nights

All night long.  I played Solitaire, Molitaire, Holitaire, and every other kind of taire I could think of to try to get to sleep.  Didn’t work.  Every time my eyes started to close there was a blood curdling scream from the TV.  Yeah, I know.  Why do I have the TV on when I’m trying to sleep.  Simple.  When I turn it off it takes half a day for it to come back on.  So it stays on 24/7.  But I do have to say it’s totally worth what I paid for it.  Nothing.  My other old one was blinking off and on faster than my eyelids blink, and I was downstairs getting my mail when a friend came down with an old TV that he was giving away.  So, I decided to take it.  He assured me it worked, so when he brought it up, I called Mike and asked if he could come and hook it up for me.  He said he would be here when he got off work, so I decided to begin the process by taking the old one out of the entertainment center.  I mean, how hard could that be?  This was before the fall that broke my shoulder, so I had what I thought was full strength.  Oh yeah.  Full strength for me is equal to that of a 3 month old baby.  When it’s asleep.  Deeply asleep.  Like so asleep a train could wreck next to the crib and he wouldn’t wake up.

You’ve probably guessed it by now.  I got it out of the entertainment center.  Jumped out of the way just in time to keep it from crushing my foot.  Fortunately it landed screen down, so the screen broke face down on the floor instead of showering glass around the place.  And Mike got there a few minutes after I finished taking the thingys that hook it up to the cable out, so I did manage to do something right.  I guess.  Maybe.  I hope.  Mike even cleaned the broken glass up for me, after firmly escorting me back to my nest.  And telling me to use my head for something other than a bowling ball.  That kid is just too much like me.

100_0424 100_0425 This one is a chip off the old block too.  My youngest grandson, Andrew.  The ball he was playing with rolled under the table, so this was his way of retrieving it.  He’s a very smart kid.  Cute too, with his red hair.  We keep wondering where the red hair comes from, then remember an aunt, uncle, cousin who also had the red hair.  Mine was red at one time, but it came from a bottle, and was more a dark auburn than a bright orangy type.  I’ve had it several different colors thru the years.  Finally decided to just stop and let it grow out to natural color.  Even I had forgotten what my natural color was by then, but it turned out to be a dark brown, Blandford color, with red highlights.  When it was finally long enough to cut all the colored ends off I remember walking into mom and dad’s house, and mom looked at me and asked what color that one was.  Kinda surprised us both when I told her it was my natural color, and we compared heads and both had the same color of hair.  So I have the Blandford color, but the Goetz texture, or lack thereof.

Speaking of my hair, I was unfortunately able to raise my arms enough to take the scissors to it again last night.  Not as drastically as usual.  Just kinda trimmed the hair out of my eyes.  Fortunately, I didn’t keep trying to make it a straight trim, so I still have hair on my head.  I’ve done everything but scalp myself in the past.  Just when it would get long enough to get a professional trim I would see a sprig sticking out and chop it off.  Sometimes to the scalp.  Bald in places.  It’s grown out enough now for me to get it trimmed, so I’m going to have someone hide the scissors.



7 responses to “One of THOSE Nights

  1. It’s the time change. Everybody is suffering this year. For some reason, it’s worse than others; I don’t think I’ll get used to the clock in my car telling the right time until we fall back again.

    • I can’t reach the wall clock so it still hasn’t changed, just the light. It has something to do with MS and genetics. My dad was an insomniac too.

  2. Oh Angie, you always make me laugh with your humor recounting your mishaps! We sleep with the TV on too as professor can’t sleep in the dark quiet. I know it is supposed to be bad but it works for us. Sounds like you are used to it now. I wouldn’t turn if off either, if I couldn’t get it back on…yikes!!

    • Well, I found when I was working second shift at a nursing home that the only real way to come down when I got home was to play Solitaire for a couple of hours, then sleep like the dead until almost time to go in. Several times interrupted sleep when they would call and ask me to come in early because someone had called in sick, so even though I would let the machine pick it up the DON would yell, “I know you’re there, now get up and answer me!” I really, really didn’t want to be needed that much, but they knew I was a sucker for my patients. So, I had to make jokes there with the patients, at times threatening to toss them out of the bed so I could take their place because they got to rest all day and I didn’t. They loved it.

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