Wow! The Power Of Seven

What  a surprise I got last week, or maybe the week before.  It has taken me awhile to take it all in.  So, here goes.

My friend, Anne T. Bell, at has nominated me for this amazing bundle of awards.  You really should check out her blog.  She is a retired teacher, the kind I would have loved to have had, who paints word pictures of times she spent with her class in India, photos they took, lessons they learned.  Also other places she has visited or read about and researched, making me feel like I was with her in her travels, or there at the time of her research.  An amazing woman.

award6award3My thanks to Anne for this wonderful bundle

Here are the rules for the Seven Awards:

Display the logos somewhere on your blog.

2  Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State seven things about yourself.

4.  Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.

5.  Notify the nominees about their nominations.

Some facts about me:

1,  I learned to read and write when my brother (a year older than I) started to school, because while he did his homework he taught me.

2.  I was painfully shy most of my life, and as a soft-spoken person in a loud speaking family, just never saw the opportunity to compete vocally, so began writing in the second grade, then tearing it all up so no one would see it.

3.  I didn’t have my first date until I was 17, because of my shyness, and inability to speak to people.

4.  Once when some of my sibs were visiting I left Mom’s house and drove home, wondering how long it would take before anyone noticed I was gone.

5.  I still don’t know how to cook for one person only, so always have lots of leftovers to share with the neighbors.

6.  When I started blogging, I suddenly found my voice and my sense of humor for the first time.

7.  I turned down a recording contract with Arista because I wanted to stay at home and raise my kids while they were still at home.

Here are my nominees:


Whew!  I think that’s 15.  They all have great sites, and a lot of them are foodies.  I gain weight just reading their blogs, so do check them out.  There’s something for everybody there, and I enjoy them all.


11 responses to “Wow! The Power Of Seven

    • Thanks Jess. Still can’t talk around the family, and they don’t read the blogs, but I just stopped caring and started laughing about it. Especially when I found the folder mom had with all the newspaper articles I had written and she cut out and saved. Even I didn’t save those.

    • Takes a long time to get it done Shaun. And I have another one I’ll be trying to get done today. Less depressing comments on this one today though.

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