Another Day Out

I left you last night with a photo of my bottle of cheap vodka, so tonight I’ll show you more about it.  Well, after telling you about my second trip to Kroger’s.  Where I bought single servings of lasagna — two, cocktail shrimp, Swiss cheese, yogurt, and some frozen cherries.  Nothing bingy this time, all thought out, but still…006 I had to duct tape my fridge and freezer doors closed.  They are both very small, and very full at the moment.  And my lunner (lunch & dinner) was lasagna and dark cherry yogurt.  Not really as good as home made, but it will keep me happy for a few days.

Then, 00114 I got out my Madagascar vanilla beans, 002 the bottle of vodka my therapist got down for me, 003 a small glass to hold the overflow (glass for medicinal purposes only), a small knife, 004 and began the process of making pure vanilla extract. 005 Now see, the bottle is capped and the medicinal glass is untouched.  The bottle will will stew for about a year, then decanted into small bottles which will mostly become Christmas gifts, since I don’t bake sweet stuff as much as I used to.  So to my worried cousin, Doug, don’t worry, I won’t be imbibing any adult liquids any time soon.  Probably.  There is that small bit in the glass.  But I don’t have a lime, and I’ve cut back on salt consumption so I’m sure you won’t have to worry about me getting pulled over for drunken driving my chair.

And I didn’t run anyone down in Kroger’s today, although the kid who ran out in front of me almost got it.  Got hooked on the yogurt bin, but it wasn’t moveable, so I just sorta had to maneuver myself out of that situation.  Ran into a few shelves, but only knocked one display over.  They really shouldn’t put those things in the aisles when I’m in the vicinity.  Really, you’d think they would have a flashing light that would warn people that I’m coming.  Probably the biggest problem is not that I don’t look where I’m going, but mostly that I don’t go where I’m looking.  I can see the day coming when I’ll be driving up the shelves while trying to grab something on the top shelf.  The joystick on this contraption is extremely sensitive to sleeves that get caught on it, or slight nudges when I reach for something.  On the bright side though, is that when I do knock things over I can whip the chair around and get out of Dodge before anyone can identify me — I hope.  It probably all gets caught on Candid Camera, but as long as an employee doesn’t catch me fleeing the scene of the disaster area I feel safe going back.

It’s really starting to feel like spring now.  Can’t decide if that’s a good sign or a bad one.  It’s already after 7 p.m. and 61 degrees, so that’s a good thing, but what will happen next week?  Whatever!  I bounced out of my nest this morning, or at least my version of a bounce, and was able to do the pendulum exercises with wide swings of my arm and no pain this morning.  Wow!  Progress.  Then the therapist gave me 4 new moves to do that moves my arm away from my body.  Really big wow!  I did admit that I had been doing one of them illegally for a few days, and she said she suspected that when I did 10 of them in under 30 seconds.  That one was easy though.  Finding a thingy to use to push my arm away from my body was a challenge, but we finally found a knitting loom I got for making scarves.  Haven’t used it for scarves yet, so not sure how it works for that, but it’s perfect for the thingy I need to push my arm around.

And now I can use my left hand to slap my right one every time I go online and see an ad from Jo-Ann’s for yarn.  I have given up buying yarn for Lent, but each time I see a sale I start ordering some.  I’ve gone all the way to the check-out button before remembering I have enough yarn right now to crochet 10 afghans.  Well, almost enough.  I got the pretty variations, but don’t have the solid colors for the variety.  Have I lost you yet?  Anyway, my left hand was getting kinda red from my right one slapping it, which really wasn’t fair to it, since I’m right handed, and that hand was about to click that button.  Now I can use the left one to slap the right hand.

If anyone understands that last part, please explain it to me.  I think I lost myself somewhere in there.  And I haven’t touched the vodka.  Honest.  Haven’t.  Maybe it’s time to shut up now.  See ya!



4 responses to “Another Day Out

  1. Run stuff over in the stores, Angie. That’s why you’re our favorite Kentucky train wreck. Making your own vanilla bean extract is interesting. And you are absolutely the first person I’ve ever seen duct tape close an overfilled fridge and freezer. That is far out!

    • Hey, you have to adapt to things the way they are. And duct tape can hold almost everything together. Just need to start cooking again and empty the freezer and fridge.

    • Anne, I learned from experience. Watched my son when he was 4 stand back and assess a situation, then come up with a solution. Decided if a 4 year old could do it, then so could I.

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