Out and About

005 A shopping I did go, a shopping I did go, etc., etc., and so on and on.  I finally make it out of the apartment on Saturday.  First to K-Mart, where I bought some useless things as well as some stuff I needed, back home for a rest, then since it was such a pretty day, off to Kroger.  I had a list….on the table by my chair.  So, since this was my first day out doing something other than doing follow-ups with doctors, I sorta winged it.  Hehehe, winged it, get that?  I just made a funny, since my left wing is broken.

Talk about impulse buying!  I could write a book on that one today.  Just picture it, me sitting in my power chair, a small basket in my lap, choosing my own food for the first time in 3 months.  Totally ignoring the fact that I can’t cook it yet. 004 Just thinking about things I WANT to make, like lasagna.  A sane person would have bought a frozen lasagna and popped it in the oven.  Me?  Two, count ’em, two boxes of no cook noodles that were on the top shelf in the pasta aisle.  I couldn’t even reach them.  A Good Samaritan came along and got them for me, probably wondering how I escaped from the loony bin.  Especially since my little basket was already overflowing with fruit, veggies, and some cute little purple potatoes I saw and wondered how they will taste.  Now I’m wondering how I’ll get them all washed and chopped up for roasting, or mashing, or…..

002 Two other flavors of flatbread also.  Okay, I can use that, eventually.  It will probably take up residence in the freezer with the chicken thighs and ground chicken I bought to make the lasagna that will have to wait until I can lift the pan with both hands.  Plus, I forgot to get the cheese I need for it anyway.  And forgot to get more Swiss cheese for the rest of the Reuben’s I’m going to have to make to use up all the sauerkraut and pastrami in the fridge.  The person who bought the ingredients for the Reuben’s bought enough pastrami and rye to last a long, long time.  That’s why I prefer doing my own shopping, even though my first time out did become an impulsive disaster.  But, I have some Roma tomatoes and a green pepper and cucumber for a veggie sub, so that part went well.

And while I’m on the subject, I asked Mike if he would pick up some bananas for me last week.  He got me some.  About 10 pounds of them.  My sweet little son, my baby, acting his age — his Leap Year age that is.  I guess some of those bananas will go in the freezer as well, to be used later in smoothies.  Yeah, they get dark, but since I use a green insulated  Bubba keg you don’t notice that part.

003 Sorry ’bout the garbage in the background, but I think I would have to be Don Charisma to photoshop that out, and obviously, I’m not.  But the Dr. Pepper’s and Orange Crush were on sale.  You may wonder how I got them all on my chair and back home without serious injury to myself.  Answer, two trips.  And a really sore left arm.  But such a warm, sunny day I just didn’t want to stay inside.  Today is pay day.  And last night.  And probably tonight.  But I won’t be thirsty. 011 LOL.




8 responses to “Out and About

    • I wish I hadn’t done so much impulse buying Irene, but it was fun at the time, and everything will be used in time. And it is really hard to tell someone else exactly what you want.

    • I guess I would be considered a cheap date Mark. A trip to the grocery, after a trip to K-Mart can make me happy. Setting the clock forward one hour, however, doesn’t.

    • Yeah, I thought that was a good way to end it. Of course, today I’ll have to show the vanilla beans that will be going in to the bottle to steep for a year to use in baking, but for now, I can’t lift it down from the top of the fridge. Shoulder is loosening up though, so maybe soon.

      • I do that with vanilla beans as well. Although I’ve been using Nielsen Masey that I buy on amazon. It’s really good. So is their vanilla bean paste. Cheaper than making it myself

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