Learning to Have Fun Again

010 I was finally able to get a photo of a train wreck in progress.  I noticed my stool, containing my lunch, beginning to follow me around a circle as I turned my chair, so I looked down and yep!  It was hooked on to my front tire that is there for reasons unknown to me, unless it is just there to grab things and pull them around.  I had been taking a few photos of my counter, so just happened to have the camera with me, and decided to show you how I get hooked on objects.  Mostly, I get the back wheels hooked, but this time it happened to be the front, so I didn’t have to be a contortionist to get the photo.

I was also able to rescue my lunch, thank God, because while they have all run together in my mind, it was one of the things I had made myself, and those are difficult to do.  I have been using my left arm, kinda illegally lately though.  Only for a few seconds at a time, but still, more than I’ve been okayed for.  And the shoulder joint has been popping a few times, but it feels good when it pops, so I like that.  Sorta like when my brothers used to pop their knuckles to get on our nerves.  I think they were having a contest to see who could pop them the loudest.  I have delicate little knuckles because try as much as I did, I could never get mine to pop.  Never could seem to whistle either, even after trying for years.  One of my brothers can whistle any song he wants, and my youngest brother used to play a lot of different wind instruments.  But, as I always said, he was full of hot air.

001 Here’s my Reuben sandwich, that I compromised on by toasting in the oven.  I know, I could have toasted it on the burner, but my efforts at toasting things on the burner usually turn out like this, 002 my burnt cheese sandwich.  So, the oven is my toaster of choice now, and after a friend toasted cheese sandwiches for me, to go with tomato soup, I learned something I never thought of trying before.  She would drizzle the sandwich with olive oil instead of buttering the bread.  It tastes delicious, and you don’t have to wait for the butter to soften enough to use it.  Of course, I can still set off the smoke alarm with the olive oil as easily as with the butter, but what else are smoke alarms for?  Mine will go off when I boil water.

Now how scary is this?  I have some eggs in the fridge that I got before my accident in December.  Jess suggested I try the cold water test on them before ditching them, so I did, and they passed the test.  So here’s the question–how many of you would eat a 3 month old egg that still passed the cold water test?  What is in an egg that it is still passing the test after 3 months?  Should I risk salmonella by using one of those eggs?

005 This contraption, in case you don’t know, is an apartment sized oven, with a gait belt buckled thru it.  The belt is my way of opening the oven door without burning myself.  Am I a genius,  or am I a genius?  Usually the door will open a few inches and then snap shut on me.  With this belt, I can hang onto it and pull the door all the way open, then wheel around to the side and put the dish in there, close the door, look at the clock to see what time it is, and hopefully remember to take it out before smoke pours out of the door.  I have a cute little pink piggy oven timer, but by the time I find it, right beside my chair, half the cooking time is already up.  Some day I’ll remember to put piggy back on the kitchen counter, but first I’ll have to find it again.

I also have a canvas bag on my outside door handle, so I can open the door to leave the apartment without the door slamming shut on me.  It wasn’t so hard when I could use both arms, because I could stick my foot in the door, grasp the handle with my left arm, and get it open.  Not as easy these days, but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

I am hoping for sunny skies tomorrow, so I can get outside and go shopping for the first time in 3 months.  I’m looking forward to going in a store to see what all I can destroy with my chair.  I’m sure they all think they are safe after all this time, but uh-uh.  I’m back.  And next week I’ll take the bus to Wal-Mart.  Might as well spread the misery around, right?  I’ll leave Kroger for Sunday.  I just hope the warm, sunny weather stays with us a few days longer.



4 responses to “Learning to Have Fun Again

  1. A burned cheese sandwich is one thing. Please do not train wreck yourself into flames down there in Kentucky, Angie. Perhaps the oven is safer until you can legally use your left arm!

    • Well, Mark, the Reuben did come out looking a lot better than the burned cheese. Tasted better too, so from now on all toasting will be done in the oven. And the arm feels better when I use it a bit, so I think that is helping, as long as I respect the pain.

    • Made another Reuben today, in the oven, so it’s safe. Had an adventure yesterday that you can read about today. Sense of humor intact. Safety is questionable. Both mine and the rest of the world.

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