Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

There probably won’t be any photos today, because a question from annetbell yesterday made me decide to share my adventures in my one and only trip overseas.  The year was 1986, and my sister, Elaine, was in the Air Force, stationed in Germany.  Mom and I went over for a 3 week visit in late September.  The German mark was the currency, and when the exchange rate was extremely high, Elaine called to alert us, we told her how much money we were going to bring, and she (or Gary) bought the marks for us.  We felt very wealthy when we heard how much spending money we would have.

So mom made the flight reservations — if you ever want to know how a sardine feels, try Iceland Air.  We had no idea, since we got them through an agency here in town.  We took a jeep with wings out of Evansville, IN to Chicago’s O’Hare, and then started looking for the International flight area, about 50 miles from where we entered the airport.  Got there with time to spare, mom breathing evenly, me feeling like I had just run the entire way.  Ya see, everyone in my family is tall, with long legs.  I’m tall, compared to most of my friends, but it’s from the waist up.  Short legs.  So for every step mom took, I had to take 3.

We finally boarded the plane, and mom wanted the window seat.  Fine with me, since I had no intention of looking out that window.  Have this thing about heights, plus I had just taken an entire bottle of Dramamine and planned on sleeping thru then entire flight.  Did have to wake up when we stopped off in Iceland for refueling, but mom had already punched my in the ribs a couple of times to look out the window at the icebergs.  No thanks.  I’d rather see them on post cards.

We spent about an hour in the airport in Iceland.  I can remember the name of the city, but no way I can spell it, so let’s just say it’s the capitol of Iceland, starts with an R and ends with vick.  Since we were making the trip in late September, Elaine had advised us to bring heavy coats, so we were glad to have them as we trudged the 20 miles to the airport from the landing area.  Yeah, it’s an exaggeration, but that’s how far it seemed in the icy sleet.  Beautiful airport, lots of beautiful souvenirs to temp us, but after an hour or so we got back on the airplane with money still in wallets.  Oh, yeah, there was a gentleman on the plane who partook of the drinks every time they were passed around, and ordered more in between.  Very irritating, and hitting on all the females trapped in there with him.  Now what do you think the odds of same person being on our return flight would be?  He was.

We flew into Liechtenstein, about half an hour early, and Gary was waiting for us.  He had come early just in case the flight happened to be early, which rarely happens when mom flies anywhere, but this time, maybe having me on board helped.  We loaded up and headed out to the off-base house he and Elaine were living in near the AF base in a town I can’t remember the name of.  The trip was so beautiful, even though the Dramamine was still working on me.  Or maybe it was jet lag.  That’s it — I’ll blame it on jet lag.

They wouldn’t let us go to bed until late that night, so we could adjust to the time changes.  Ya really think I could adjust to time changes?  I’m just now getting adjusted to Central time and in a couple of weeks we go back to Central Savings Time, losing an hour a day.  I’ve only been up two hours and then only because nature called and I had to answer that call.  Just to cozy in my nest this cold morning with the wind howling around the building.

I guess I’ll have to go to part 2 of the trip tomorrow, because I suddenly hear some pastrami screaming my name, and it just occurred to me I’ve only eaten a couple of pieces of chocolate since leaving my nest.  So for the next few days you’ll be hearing about my escapades in Germany, Bavaria, and Austria.



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