Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

So here I sit, staring occasionally at the red flag stating “Severe Weather Warning” blinking on my computer, protesting body parts telling me this hours before I turned the computer on, and listening to the wind howl around the building.  Even when there is no wind anywhere in town, it howls around my building.  Don’t know if it’s the direction it’s built in, or the fact that it’s the tallest one in town, which really isn’t saying much because it’s only 18 floors tall, uh, they say 19 floors, but since there is no 13th floor, that makes 18 to me.  Now call me crazy (and you would probably be right) but that old thingy about having a 13th floor seems strange in this situation, since each floor has 13 apartments.  I’m on the 16th floor, so that puts me close to the penthouse — I guess.

These achy old bones are sitting here dreaming of a really great meal, while tonight’s reality is, wait for it — 002 a burnt cheese sandwich on flat-bread.  Doesn’t take long to burn flat-bread.  About five minutes after I finished it the friend who was going to the grocery for me sometime today brought my groceries up — all the good stuff I needed to make a Reuben sandwich.  Already had the sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, so just needed the pastrami, rye bread and thousand island dressing.  Bet you can guess what I’ll have tomorrow.

001 This is what I call my “clothes buffet”.  It’s easier to stack them on the bed than to run into the closet and the dresser trying to find them.  And of course, I really wanted to show off one of my quilts, made in 1970 when I was about 5 years old (I still have that blue bridge for sale).  It’s actually a king sized quilt on a twin bed, and every time I pass it the chair kinda hooks onto it and tries to upset my buffet.

If anyone asks, I'm out looking for my smile! Is this not the cutest kid in the world?  I wish I could remember why I was so upset.  Never have liked having my picture taken.  The funny thing is that I have some photos of my own kids when they were about this age, and while my daughter is laughing her head off, both boys are looking just like that.  Actually Gina is looking at them while she’s laughing, so I’m pretty sure it was because she was a ham and they hated having their pictures taken.

Had to take last night off.  Just another train wreck.  Got my chair caught on the thingy that holds my keyboard and sorta pulled it off, dumping everything on the desk off to the floor in the process.  Tried holding the keyboard in my lap, but that didn’t work out too well.  So, I called Mikey.  He can fix anything.  His birthday was at midnight last night.  Started to call him to sing “Happy Birthday” to him, since some sweet stranger had called me to ask if Jim was here at 11:30, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, but I’m too sweet to do that to my precious little 11 1/2 year old Leap Year baby.  Plus, I’ll be needing his help again in a couple of days, so thought it would be a good idea to be nice until then.  Am I the best mom in the world, or what???  Of course, the fact that he’s bigger than I am now sorta factored into the equation too.



5 responses to “Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

    • I think you’re right Mark. Have everything it takes to make one now. As long as I don’t get a rude awakening from some stranger wanting to talk to Jim at midnight tonight.

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