Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

Been walking, or swiveling on my right foot today.  Not hurting any more, but not sure I’m supposed to.  One thing about doctors, they seldom tell you all the facts.

Also had fajitas for lunch.  Two wrapped in the tortilla, and some of the leftover chicken and veggies that didn’t fit.  Pretty good, but I think there may have been one too many jalapenos in it.  I do hope I’m not losing my taste for hot foods.  Probably have to make some chili just to be sure.

I also have this bad habit of wheeling up to the counter or the fridge, and forgetting to turn the chair off.  I’m already a bad driver, but when I get a sleeve caught in the thingy that makes it go forward it gets worse.  And after getting hung up on the elevator door so many times by the crowd trying to get on the stupid thing before I’m completely off it’s a bit hairy to go downstairs.  I would try driving down the steps, but I have a feeling that would smart when the chair lands on top of me.

002 Ever see a container of oatmeal packets this large?  At least they make it easy to make my breakfast if I’m out of leftovers.  It comes in packets that you can fill to the line with water or milk (if you have some), thus cutting out the measuring cup.  Too much liquid and it boils over in the microwave, as I have found out, and not enough makes it a gummy mess.

chattering teeth We’ve been having see-saw weather here.  My mission in life is to never turn the heat on, because everyone on the floors below me turn theirs up as high as they can, like 500 degrees, so I get their heat and burn up.  This year my register is still closed and can’t get to it, so I’m having to change clothes 3 times a day.  Heavy warm things in the morning, when I can convince myself that I have to get out of the nice hot shower into the below zero room, lighter clothes in the afternoon when the sun is shining and hits my windows, warming up the room, then back to the warm clothes at night when the sun is down and the chill is back.  And I live in a two room apartment, where one room is warmer than the other.  Naturally this is the warmer room, while the kitchen/living room is cold.

I’ve been thinking of applying to the National Weather Service to see if I can predict the weather better than they can.  Especially when a front is moving in to my area.  I never knew before that hair follicles had joints.

Didn’t take any pics of the computer desk the day I got hooked on it and pulled half of it off, dragging it behind me.  Just said a lot of choice words, managed to get unhooked, and left the room until Mike came to fix it.  Come to think of it, Mike will have a birthday either 1 second before or 1 second after midnight tomorrow.  That will make him 11 1/2 years old, although his 13 year old son argues that his dad is older than that.  Since in Mike’s case I am usually going by his mental age, I insist he is 11 1/2.  Heh,heh,heh,  I think I’ll call him at midnight and wish him a happy birthday.

On the other hand, I have a few things I need for him to move for me, so maybe I’ll just sleep instead.



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