Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

75px-NewMarketTrainWreckI’ve tried to find photos of train wrecks that are really bad lately, and came up with this one.  Of course, I’ve forgotten where it happened, but I swear I wasn’t there.  I didn’t cause that one.  I’ll keep trying to find others that are easier to identify, even if it means a trip to Henderson where they have frequent derailments and take my own photo.

I’m going to take life in hand soon and make a trip to Kroger and K-Mart.  Partly just to get my own groceries for a change, and partly to replace the toaster I knocked off the shelf and murdered.  RIP toaster.  Got on Amazon to order a new one, but found this really cute, old fashioned looking, hot dog and bun toaster/warmer.  I have to confess a love affair with the hot dogs I buy at picnics, or hot dog stands, but seldom eat them at home because they lose something in translation when heated at home, and I can always make toast in a skillet or oven, so since I canned all that relish last summer, I have to have something to put it on.  It will also be pretty good on the hot dogs, when I get them.

On the “wouldn’t you think she would ever learn” front, I jammed the darn toe again today.  Good news is, nothing fell off the shelf and when I discovered which gear made the chair go forward and which one made it go back, it still didn’t hurt.

Still on scavenger hunt for some items from Tuesday’s visit from the cleaning lady.  We are going to do some de-cluttering so I can make it over to the window during the next thunder boomer and get some photos.  When I tell her to put things where I can reach them, she doesn’t ask me if they have a purpose in my life at the moment before moving them.  I finally found a re-chargeable battery that will keep my e-reader going when the electricity goes out.  I’m certain someone heard me mention the fact that something like that was really necessary for those of us who don’t drive and they stole my idea, but I guess I won’t go after royalties, since everyone laughed at me when I mentioned it.  Imagine that!  They laughed at the Wright Brothers too, but they actually knew how build it themselves, whereas I could end up building a bomb or, even worse, dropping the entire mess in my food and on my foot.

chattering teeth This is the way I woke up this morning.  So I stayed quietly in the recliner I sleep in for hours until nature started threatening me with dire consequences if I didn’t crawl out from my nest.  I have this strange habit of never turning the heat on at night, because I love sleeping in a cold room, so in order to turn it back on during the day I am required to crawl out from under those covers and get across the room to the thermostat.  And we have gone from 60’s last week to the teens this week.  Welcome to Kentucky.

Since I haven’t mastered the art of wrapping only my toe in plastic for my shower I tend to wrap the entire foot, so will probable have a stinky foot when I go back to the doc.  Might have mentioned that already.  I forget if I remember  that.  His own fault for telling me to wrap it when I shower.  And I only had to change clothes twice today, due to food spilling down my shirt or on my jeans.  My record on that is 4 changes.  I have a feeling I’ll be buying more shirts and jeans soon, since I only have 5 that fit.  Guess I could wear the larger ones now, since I can’t stand long enough to lose them though.



3 responses to “Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

    • Mark, if I put the best foot forward, he couldn’t check the bad one and let me know if I can start washing it again. I know this is KY and we only wash our feet once a month, but that’s a week past due now.

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