Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

005 Since I mention my toe yesterday, I was sure you all wanted to see what it looks like in it’s nice big bandage.  Seems a bit like overkill to me when a band aide would probably do the trick, but I guess why use a simple band aide when you can use a roll of gauze?  At least I’m allowed to change it daily now, so I use a much smaller gauze pad.  Still have to plastic wrap it before getting in the shower though.  I’m going to end up with stinky foot syndrome by the time I have my follow up with the doc.  Glad I can’t smell it, but he sure will have to.  Anyone want to start a pool on whether he uses a clothes pin or puts on a mask?

It’s winter again.  Rain moving in, but quietly this time.  Hope it’s rain, anyway.  With the temp dropping the way it is it might decide to turn to ice.  Oh, goody.  I’ve heard it’s warmer in Alaska than it is here.  Wonder if all the people who moved south to escape our winter will now move to Alaska.  Just writing about the weather made me have to change into a heavy sweatshirt and an extra pair of socks.  Anybody ever try to put a sock on a sore foot with one hand?  Try it sometime.  And actually, I couldn’t find the mates to either sock, so all I can say is that they are both blue, to go with the blue sweatshirt, but none of the blues match.  Think I care?  Nah, I’m in my second or third childhood.  Or maybe I never left the first one.  We”ll never know, cause that’s one of the big mysteries of life.

Today I went from eating this 004 Chinese delivery (okay, I admit half the steamed dumplings are gone already) to this 005 home made veggie sub sandwich on flatbread.  Used some mixed greens a friend picked up for me, and rehydrated the veggies from the dehydrating fun I had last summer.  003 Few grapes and sliced olives in the mix, but had to substitute my usual olive oil and vinegar dressing for honey mustard.  Couldn’t reach the Olive oil.  A tall friend came in tonight to use my computer, and I had him get it down for me when he signed off, so the one I’ll make tomorrow will have my regular dressing

My Home Health aide was here today too.  Her son got married Saturday and she was telling me about the wedding and showing me some photos.  I just have to share one of the stories, because it’s too funny to keep inside.  When they started the mother/son dance, she told him she had to go.  He kept telling her it was okay, she would be fine, just not to panic.  She tried to leave the floor but he pulled her back and the dance started.  She told him again she really had to go.  He kept reassuring her everything was fine, all she had to do was relax and let him lead.  As soon as the dance was over she started to bolt and he asked her what the problem was, since she was no longer the center of attention.  She became the center of attention again rather quickly when she nearly yelled “I HAVE TO POOP’.  I’ve had 3 kids get married, one of them twice, and can’t say I ever had that reaction.  But she HAS been worried about the wedding for several weeks, and having the bride keep losing her strapless dress during the ceremony didn’t do a lot for her state of mind either.



10 responses to “Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

    • I dipped a lot of things in it, then used the rest as a dressing for the rest of a salad. Luuuv that stuff, and try as I may have never learned to duplicate it.

  1. I love those dumplings and have tried to make them. Problem is I haven’t found a “Crimping Chinese Dumplings Book For Dummies” yet. Guess I’ll have to just improvise with a method I use for hand held fruit pies and hope they stay closed during steaming,

    • They are yummy. I have made regular dumplings every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas since I was 14 and my grandma taught me how to make them.

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