Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

Hey world, I’m baaaaack!   New name, but the same old me.  I forget if I remember when the last post of Angie’s Place was, but oh my, what a train wreck my life has been since early December.  I fell.  Big news there, huh?  Only this time I didn’t hit my head.  As my dear son is fond of telling me, if I would just hit my head I would be okay.  But this time, no.  I hit my left shoulder.  And naturally it broke.  So one joint replacement, and several weeks of fruitless frustration later, with the help of Kevin, from the WordPress team, and my grateful thanks to Mark B. who was able to get their attention, I got a new blog.  Something seems wrong here.  New shoulder, new blog.  And both causing a pain in the butt.

doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-4-300x300I had several awards on the old blog, but this is the only one I will post here.  And if Don’s offer is still open, I have found the angel picture I want to use for my own Angel Award. Burst+Angel_wallpapers_260 I actually photo-shopped the award, but when I tried to download it my computer said “sorry”.  Wanted to kick the computer, but stopped short, remembering just in time that I had some minor surgery on my toe last week.  An overlooked injury from the December fall sorta got infected.  No sense of feeling in my feet, so didn’t notice it until it finally started to hurt.  Now I’m hopping around on my left foot and trying to do things with my right arm.  My inner ballerina only takes me so far before it stops completely, so I think I’m on pretty thin ice here.  And falling has always been my best sport.

I did make a pretty good pizza one day.  Used a tortilla for a crust, since I couldn’t exactly make a crust with one hand.  Turns out it was one of the best pizzas of my career as home cook.  While I usually just scrape the toppings off the crust because I’m not that crazy about the bread part, this one was nice and crispy.  And used some of the veggies I dehydrated last summer as toppings.

Been working on another project also.  Trying to knit socks.  So far socks 4, Angie zip.  Well, any of you want to try to knit a sock with only one hand?  I thought I might make it one time, but then took a good look at the two inches I had done and saw holes big enough to drive a truck through.  And this was a sock in progress, or lack thereof.  It usually takes me a lot longer to wear holes like that in my socks, and the holes aren’t usually in the tops.  I will make one though.  And then I’ll make another one to match it — hopefully.  I think somewhere I might have read that you should count the rows of stitches.  Guess you’ve probably figured out I haven’t been doing that, mainly because I just remembered that I forgot it.  Guess it doesn’t really matter yet though, since I’ve never exactly made it to the heel part where it would matter.

Weeel, therapy people start coming in a few minutes for more of their sadistic fun, so I’m outta here for now.  Just happy to be back.



35 responses to “Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

    • Angie is very happy, and very grateful, and very sore right now. Weather forecaster joints made therapy pretty rough today. Have to remember to not forget a pain pill before next session.

      • Hanging by my fingertips Mark. Also have to remember not to have a battle of wits with the computer before the therapist comes, because that seems to raise my blood pressure. Go figure. Can’t even kick the darn thing right now. Have to have the arm working by early May, because that’s when my vegetable co-op starts the spring deliveries.

  1. Oh, I am so happy you are back and intact with your great sense of humor. Shaun Gibson wants you to join the Facebook group. Do you know him? I am rushing now , but I am so happy to hear from you . Mark and I were in touch a few times to see if either had heard from you. He is a gem! You got snow???

      • L OL ! I joined but don’t do much on it . It is for discussion and such. I adore Shaun who is from Scotland and has
        fibromyalgia really badly . He is disabled and housebound. But he is a joy. He has written about his dreadful childhood.

      • I have a feeling I can relate to his life. Fibromyalgia isn’t a walk in the park, and neither is being housebound, which I will be until I get my new power chair and can go out without having to worry about being tossed out of it when I hit a bump. Can’t wait to go to the grocery again, and actually pick out my own food instead of having someone else do it for me. And I so miss dragging the bins around behind me in the vegetable aisle.

    • To answer the last question, since it doesn’t let me reply to that, I have one follow up appointment left with the doctor to get the paperwork finished, and then about 4 to 6 weeks for the chair to be made to fit — I think. Medicare has refused it a few times, but after the fall and the broken shoulder and surgery I guess they finally realized the chair will be less expensive than the hospital, doctor and therapy costs. It is funny how we take so many things for granted, like just making a grilled cheese sandwich, until we have to figure out a way to do it with only one hand.

  2. I wanted to tell the guy who made your angel before….His picture is on your page, but I can’t remember his name. If you tell me, I will tell him YOU ARE BACK!

      • Don wrote a post about YOU being back! Mark let me know the good news this morning ! You have lots of posts to rea and get caught up on!
        Sleep well!

      • Wow, gotta get to my reader and start reading my fave blogs again. Even if I did have to change my name and start all over it’s so good to be back at home!

      • We missed your wacky sense of humor that never failed to brighten our days! I spoke several times to Mark to see if you had contacted him. You are loved and I hope you feel it !

  3. So glad you are back to doing this. Even if I don’t respond to each blog, know that I am reading and enjoying them.


    • Thanks Barbara. That helps a lot. I am starting to hear from a lot of my old blogger friends too, so now I can catch up with them again and see what’s going on that I’ve missed out on. And even if you don’t respond, I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I love writing, and have since Tony taught me to print when he started to school and we studied his homework together.

    • Thanks Anne. I’m getting him in my reader now, thank God, and I think I managed to find you and get you in there too. Slowly, but surely finding them. Just having small conflict about the fact that my email is AOL and not gmail, but things are working out.

      • Cheating a bit Anne. Took me too long to type with one hand, so I’m using both of them now. Have to take a break every other day, but when the weather cooperates I don’t have a problem.

  4. I’m starting to get more confident with it. Since I have been told I will never use my legs again I’m trying to do my own therapy with them, but at least I have a tall stool in the kitchen that I can use when I cook. I have to be sure to put the sling on when I cook s I won’t try to use the left one, and am working my way up with my knife sizes, but have sliced a tomato, black olives, and cheese. The cheese I won’t brag about, but after it was melted it didn’t matter anyway, Most of the greens were baby greens, so didn’t try to cut them up, rest just meant rehydrating the veggies I dehydrated last summer. Can’t wait til the new shipments start in May. I may eat the first box the first day, but then will start dehydrating again because they have proven to be a touch of real summer during the winter for sure this year.

  5. Lexington is about 200 miles from me, but we had our own share of wrecks with 6 inches of ice covered by 4 inches of snow. The sun came out today so some streets are clearing up, and the temps are getting warmer. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out of here and do my own grocery shopping one day soon. Like maybe tomorrow.

    • WEather changed, everything hurt, so I had a major meltdown at the doctor’s office instead. I’m not sure who that person was, because I usually don’t let her out of the cage, but she came out roaring today and he got the brunt of it. I think it scared him a little bit.

      • Well, you are living with lots of things that can push you to the edge. I am sure he understood. Or really how can any of us not going through what you are, to understand? You can explain when you see him again. Hope tonight will be better and tomorrow!

  6. I’ll be going back in six weeks, so hopefully the nice me will be there. I think it started when he kept me waiting, then asked if anyone from the hospital had called me about the abuse when I was there. Every time I remember that I really get angry all over again, so that was the final push.

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